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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 19 Review: Magnetic

After a recap of the last episodes we see Yuuki surprising Kengo and he drops a new robot. It works with the Scoop switch and its a hotdog, dog which will be called Dig Dog. After that little introduction we see that Gen is testing new switches, but with Ryusei. A new switch is also shown the Hand switch which in on his right leg for some reason. The switch works like a hand of course, but can work while Gen is doing something else like math and he can't even solve the square root of 49 (our hero everybody) as the other hand takes apart a bike. Kengo is wondering why he wasn't the one giving the tests, but Gen wanted to give Ryusei a try since there isn't much for him to do. His new experience though is doing great as he tuned a lot of new switches (I guess Tachibana told him a little about switches) and everybody is praising him for that. With news of switches 30 and 31 being tuned out, Kengo freaks out and tells them not to tune these switches. Ryusei leaves and tells Tachibana about how tiring it is to babysit the club, but with Tachibana mentioning Jirou again he says that being in control of Fourze's powers can be helpful. Now we get the updated opening theme with Ryusei and no Sonoda now, probably the next update will come when a new teacher is shown.
Now we see Hayami talking about Virgo acting like a stalker, but it's because Gamou wants Hayami to do something right this time. His next plan is in motion though and it's with a new Zodiart with rare strength and a really high pitched voice and all he needs to do is destroy the Kamen Riders. In the classroom we see Gen talking with Ohsugi, but this time he is nice! He compliments Gen's clothing style and how keeping things the same and of course he is really thinking about Sonoda and walks away crying. It seems that Sonoda is "sick" and it seems odd and they should investigate. Kengo though comes in trying to get the Magnet Switches from Gen. The two bicker around and when Kengo gets too tired, Gen tires to help. Kengo though rejects his friendship and says he can't deal being friends with him anymore. He walks around and finds the track team where he meets a friend of his named Egawa. He tries to tell her about her recent struggle with running, but the coach, Nomoto and doesn't want outsiders to interferer. All of a sudden a big explosion is heard and Kengo runs into Gen and the other two again. The new Zodiart shows himself and he's already surpassed Last One as Gen transforms to fight.
With the first punch things already look bad as the Dragon Zodiart's body is made up of steel. Ryusei the finds out that he is looking for Meteor and decides not to fight this time. Even with Elek States none of Gen's attacks work on the monster as he absorbs the electricity and uses it as his own. The same happens with Fire States and the only option now is to act defenselessly and block the attacks with Shield. All hope goes to the new switches now, but even with Kengo's warning Gen uses the Magnet N and S Switches. Everything goes badly as the magnets start to attract to each other and other metal objects. Two trucks are even being pulled together and Gen is going to be crushed! Luckily Shun comes with the Power Dizer and holds them long enough to have the switches turned off. Back with Hayami and Virgo is impressed with the Dragon and this could be time to find out about Meteor. With the club now and things are getting awkward as Gen can't even say anything to Kengo. It seems that the switches new a holder to properly work together as Kengo already had the plan of making it. Another fight breaks out as Kengo doesn't want Ryusei close to his father's switches and he leaves with tons of anger.
While throwing rocks at a pond, Kengo notices Egawa trying to hid behind a board, but she is too tall. Kengo then tells her about her issue which is focusing too much on her height and not focusing on her running. His advice about her positioning works and she asks him to give her more advice more upcoming events. With outsiders not allowed though, but Egawa tries to recruit him into the Track and Field club. After seeing Gen all worried about Gen we see Egawa leaving for a quick break from her practice and the Dragon appears again. Now it seems that the Zodiart is Egawa and she tries to attack Kengo thinking he is Meteor. Back to Gen we see the new device for the Magnet Switches. After getting a call about Kengo in trouble, Gen transforms and uses Rocket to get to the scene. Of course the fight is not going well again, but Ryusei transforms and enters the fight. Even he though can't fight the Zodiart as she just knocks them around. Meteor asks if Fourze as any new tricks and he takes out the NS Mag Phone. Kengo warns Gen not to use it again, but Gen wants things to work out so that they can be friends again. The phone though won't separate and soon it just flies off into the sky! Kengo then yells at him about trusting Ryusei more and calls him an idiot.
That's episode 19 and its a much better episode than the previous ones. First I like how Kengo is acting like himself from before as it shows he really can't deal with this. The fights were good, but not in the intense way, just a suspenseful way because both riders can't hurt the new enemy. They really are building up hype for the new form, but it just shows that new switches will be harder to use. I also like how Kengo interacts with an old friend of his as the two share a close bond. Another thing is how the writing works because the characters are still mostly young so seeing them getting into fights with each other is realistic (heck I just had some debates today). The new villain is okay, but I can already tell that Egawa isn't the Zodiart just because the show tries to make us think it's her. Overall its a great episode showing that friendship can age quickly and that could bring some issues. Not a lot of fights, but the scenes between the characters were great, an A-
Next Week: Magnet States!!!

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