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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Power Rangers Super Samurai...

Well yes its almost time for the 2nd season of Samurai and for some reason they change the title. I guess it's supposed to promote the upcoming power ups, but its a dull and unoriginal title. We all know that this season will be all copy and paste like before, but there could be some good moments. First there is Akumaro of the series who is named Serrator. His plot point in the series of making Decker and Dayu into the monsters they are now was different from Shinkenger so he could bring some originality. I am also still hoping that Bulk and Spike get an episode because so far it's pointless to have them around.

The series is also getting close to the battlizer and I still don't like it and the belt looks like they stole it from a Kamen Rider that was never made. The belt has a red face on it as it reminds me of that kids game show, Legends of The Hidden Temple. Actually I like the belt, but it's odd to see a ranger with a belt just like how Buster Red will be on a motorcycle. Now even with the Super mode still around and the Shark mode even though it's not a shark! This addition will probably come late in the series and will be used heavily then, that is what I predict. Another quick question will the female red ranger be able to use this power?
Will she have a different role in Samurai? (PLEASE!!!!)


  1. i agree with you for the female red. I mean, since the rangers are already bonded with each other more than the Shinkengers did with Takeru, it would be awkward if it turns out that Jaden is not the real red while the female red is. The whole story will be like M Night Syamalan getting into the Power Rangers industry...

  2. Now we all know Shinkenger did this in the series, but it's more realistic for that series because the samurai motif makes sense with a Japanese theme. Also the way how Power Rangers are handled it will be odd to see her just go "I'm the real red ranger" Also they will probably cut out the part where she allows Takeru to fight again by adopting him.