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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Poll Result #29: Kamen Rider Saido

Do You Think Kamen Rider Saido is the Official Rider of 2012?
Yes- 10
Yes, but some info is wrong- 23
No- 1
No, it's the Tablet Rider- 0
No, its the Magic Painter Rider- 0

Real or Not: Do You Like Saido's design?
Yes- 35
No- 2
Yea my break is going to come during the last week of June now since I got one less thing to juggle around. Back on topic though, I really want this to be the next rider. First it easily tributes an older toku show the Henshin Ninja. If he is the real thing I wouldn't be surprised that the secondary rider could have a bird motif or his final form can have something to do with a bird. With the design it's just awesome to look at, first the best thing is the visor. A shuriken shaped visor that is see through and the belt is a standard belt. It doesn't look like it will take multiple objects. Overall the ninja motif works greatly and I can't wait to see him in action if he is the next rider.

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