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Monday, June 11, 2012

Power Ranger Megaforce: Two in One? (Update)

Recently there is news about the new Power Ranger series that it will have both Goseiger and Gokaiger adapted. All I have to say to that is WTF! First of all the two series have completely different motives so how will that work at all. Goseigers are angels and Gokaigers are pirates, none of this make any sense. The only thing they will have in connection is the colors of the team. Another thing people are thinking about is the monsters, but that shouldn't be too bad. This is because Goseiger had four villain groups and each had a different motif. With the Zangyack they were one group, but their creatures varied a lot of times. This could also be good news because this probably means that Saban will use their own fight sequences so that they have both teams fight along each other. I mean since they are doing their own Legends War this series could have more Saban made fight scenes. The worst part though is the running time, remember a usual PR series can only get in the high 30's now these days. So imagine crossing two series with completely different stories into one. Now Saban could actually make their own story and if they don't... there will be many parts that will be left out. Overall I have a bad feeling that this will become a mess of a series, but who knows Saban could give us something unexpected, who knows they could even make it a longer series.
Well it seems that was a false rumor and the Sentai being adapted for 2013 will be Goseiger. Now this is better news and I was hoping for a Goseiger adaption. This is mostly because Goseiger can be easily used for an anniversary series for Power Rangers because of the colors. Now people are worried since Goseiger was a bad Sentai series, but that is actually good for the adaption. I see this trend a lot with PR series and whenever they adapt a good sentai series there is some sort of problem. Example: PR SPD, now I don't hate this series completely as it did do a good story, but there were annoying characters and the fight scenes were pretty bad thanks to the Kalish explosions (see Linkara's review if you don't know what I'm talking about). Then Dekaranger is still one of the best Sentai series. So in reverse this usually works well for PR series. Example: Go-onger for me was a great series, but for some fans they hated the corny humor. Disney's last series was RPM and made an original series. There is also the fact that there are a lot of things that can be changed in another post of mine ( I am hoping that Power Rangers Megaforce will do better than what Samurai is doing now.

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