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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Power Rangers Megaforce: Teenagers With Attitude

More news for the new series is coming out and there is even news of why Gokaiger wasn't used. It seems Saban Brands didn't want to use Gokaiger because of the pirate theme. They think it will bring more likeness to boys and it could be too hardcore for the target audience. Could this mean that Gokaiger could be left out of adaptions? Could this also mean that the rumors about mixing some elements of Gokaiger in the new series? Since the Legends War is being shot or has been for Power Rangers this could mean that Goseiger will act like Gokaiger for Power Rangers. More importantly is that Megaforce will have it's own original story. It will center around five teenagers, so it already screams anniversary right there for MMPR. Sadly this has been tried before with Samurai, but since Megaforce will be an anniversary series it could work out better. Even GoseiKnight will appear pretty early in the new adaption, but his name.... it's RoboKnight.... This does kill my anticipation of Knight being human in the new series, but why? I mean if they want to tribute 20 years of Power Rangers and the only robot warrior I can think of from PR is Blue Centurion from Turbo. I have a bad feeling the story will make him a malfunctioning robot since in the original footage he does fight the other heroes and the worst part is that Knight is a robot already in Goseiger so yea good work on the so-called original story so far. Also Megaforce is doing the two season move like Samurai as the first season will only have 22 episodes and two of them are holiday specials and season 2 will do the same. Also I heard rumors that it will appear on 4kids which I don't get because even though Samurai isn't that well it gave a lot of high ratings for Nick. I don't know why the franchise will step down into 4kids. Overall, I am hoping that this is the Power Ranger series I have been waiting for. Samurai was not a good comeback for Saban and I hope the next one will be.

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