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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Poll Results #34

Are You Excited For Gavan The Movie?
Yes- 11
No- 4

Did You Like Episode 45 of Fourze?
Yes- 15
No- 1
Did You Like Episode 46 of Fourze?
Yes- 9
No- 0
Did You Like Episode 47 of Fourze?
Yes- 18
No- 1
Did You Like Episode 48 of Fourze?
Yes- 18
No- 2
How Would You Rate Kamen Rider Fourze?
Great- 23
Good- 13
Bad- 4
Horrible- 0

Did You Like Episode 1 of Wizard?
Yes- 16
No- 1

My Thoughts
The Gavan movie looks good to me, it's using the basics of the Metal Hero franchise and with Gavan G having a movie and appearing in Go-busters he could get a series. The Fourze episodes were good as I reviewed before and the overall series was good so I give it a watch for those interested. Fourze uses friendship in a very good way and much better than other shows I have seen with it. The cast of characters are fun to watch and even though Fourze follows Double like OOO it's a still a good show. Wizard is bringing back Kamen Rider back to some old roots and the first episode proved that. It was a single episode and there was more action, I'm not saying it's better, but it's a nice change of pace. Wizard's story is also very interesting right now and I can't wait to find out more about it.

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