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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Episode 3 Review: Being Super

We get another Noah focus episode which is alright I guess since his last one just shown us his love for knowledge. This time we see Noah not believing in himself since he is not as strong as Jake. Meanwhile the villains plan to send a monster to infect the humans so that they won't have to waste time with getting their army down to the Earth.
Here's Jakey!
First thing are the villains, I really do like how they plan things out. Goseiger did do well in the beginning with Warstar, but this time there is a little more. It's the contrast between the heroes and villains. Right now Creepox is more about power while Vrax is thinking tactically. Which goes along with Jake wanting to practice with his axe some more to get better. Noah is more of a brainy guy, but he wants to get stronger as well. Noah though still relies on his brain for the most of the episode. I hope we get some more episodes like this as the comparisons make it more fun to watch and think about.
Going on with Noah I like how he thinks power is needed. It's not an unnecessary thing to have in battle as power can break through things easily. Still Noah takes his time to think about the battle as he sees that Jake's axe can hurt the creature so he decides to use it. Now we did get the "believe in yourself" message which is soooo cliche. I mean it was nice in the beginning since Jake was comforting Noah to be more confident. Then they just kept saying it in the final moments. Overall I liked this part of Noah more to have low belief in himself and then learning he can be as powerful as the others. One more thing that was the whole premise for the episode so that's one big difference compared to the Goseiger episode.
We also get more focus on Jake trying to impress Gia with his abilities. This is the third episode where we got this in a row. I get it Jake is trying to get something, but he is taking some of the focus away. I mean really Troy and Mia haven't got a lot of focus in this and the second episode. For now Noah is being my favorite of the team since he had some good focus episodes already. I really hope though the whole Jake and Gia thing will not take more than five episodes at least. All we need is some more focus for the other characters and seeing that Noah got two already is not a good sign. Also Jake why did you need to get your axe when you could just summon it with a card?
One thing that I was very happy with in this episode was a higher use of American footage. The gang couldn't attack the Loogies since they were people. The monster used his illness to change people to the monsters. So at first the team had to gather the infected people around so they performed some more dodging than fighting. Now I bet some people will say it's not consistent with the other fights, but the team was avoiding the monsters and not actually fighting. So a clever way to use their own footage. We even got original footage with the monster suit! This is what I mean about the use of original footage it helps makes an show that adapts another one gives it their own vibe. Along with that it was used nicely with the stock footage, except for one part. After the team finished the monster with their cannon and then Noah frees the people as they were sealed until fully healed. Well Vrax sends the bats to make him large after that, but the scene still shows the team with the cannon. So that was a big hiccup there.
Overall if the hiccups were fixed this episode would get a higher rating. There are very good things in this episode though. Noah's focus of wanting to be a hero was very nice since he sees himself as a different person compared to the others. Now he learns he has the same potential as them. Now I wish the message of believing yourself wouldn't come up so much near the end. Action was nice with a great blend of stock and original footage. I will give it a C+ since there were some hiccups along with the team saying Tensou's name incorrectly I think they were saying Tentwo?

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