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Monday, February 18, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 22 Review: Phoenix's Showtime (Spoiler Alert!!!)

With Phoenix and his new resolve what exactly will happen for our heroes? Rinko is missing while the heroes are celebrating about their victory from the last episode. With Rinko gone, Haruto goes out to look for her not knowing what has happened. Meanwhile our new Phantom is around again as we get some insight of what he is doing. How will this fight against Phoenix go this time, is Phoenix too powerful to even stop?
Let's go on with Phoenix since he has finally become the villain he wanted to be. I just love how he learned to be himself as it was a great build up for him. He was a ticking time bomb as Medusa and Wiseman were starting the fuse. Time passes by and the fuse is much shorter as we see Phoenix trying things for himself and even showing off  right in front of Medusa. Rinko then made the fuse go much faster and soon Phoenix explodes with all of his rage! He was a strong foe who was kept on a leech for far too long. Phoenix is now even more powerful than we saw as he can even break Medusa's spell. In the episode we see Medusa using her stone magic to petrify Phoenix, but he breaks out of it. So even sealing magic the only solution Medusa had to finish Phoenix is now useless. With Phoenix being immortal can anyone really stop his might? Let us hope that Haruto will be our hope.
Let us move on with the other Phantoms then since the new guy is making his moves. We don't find out what he is yet, but he rather be called his human name Sora. He even knows of everyone's human names like Phoenix's and Medusa's. Sora is easily a guy who likes to dig around and he must know a lot of information, but I wonder how he picked up this information. He even has some similar thoughts like Phoenix as he doesn't like Wiseman as well. So far he really reminds me of Enter when he was a good villain since they both got a playful way about themselves. I can tell Sora will be a great addition since he is doing a lot right now. He thinks Wiseman's plans are not suited for him which makes me wonder what exactly Wiseman is up to. Going to Wiseman he was very confident in Medusa being able to finish Phoenix so he even under estimated Phoenix. Now with Medusa this was the first time she was shocked and unable to do anything. I mean there is no way of killing Phoenix since he has immortality. I love how Phoenix has become an obstacle for Haruto and the other Phantoms making him a true fear for both sides.
He is defiantly creepier than Enter.
With our heroes they assume nothing is wrong right now, but they easily find out thanks to Sora. He comes up to Shunpei and gives him something for Haruto. That thing is Rinko's badge as it is covered in blood! We actually have to thank Sora since he saved Rinko from being burned alive as Phoenix had no cares. Sora even tells him to use Rinko as bait. I am disappointed that Phoenix didn't think of this, but I still feel like he originally was going to do that. With Haruto finding out that Rinko is is danger thanks to Shunpei giving him the badge he tries to find her. He actually calls Kizaki for help and he soon does by telling him that Rinko has been missing for over a day. It's nice to see him be back in the series after his great arc and I'm happy that he wasn't forgotten. Haruto has another dire situation now and Kousuke knows nothing of it. The two guys meet him before finding out as Kousuke as found a home now. He leaves on top of a building since he saved someone's life. I was actually thinking that he would live with the Gate he saved, but I guess he didn't want a mayo addicted man in his house. Kousuke did catch on to something though when Haruto passed by him on the bike so he easily can tell when something is happening.
I am going to the action since this episode doesn't have a lot to talk about. Rinko is in danger so that's the main focus of the episode. This will be two parts though since there were two big action parts. First is Medusa fighting Phoenix. We always see these two bicker with each other, well I should say Phoenix yelling at her and she tells him just to back off. Remember when Phoenix was actually afraid of her? Now we know why he was since she could petrify him. Phoenix was confident though and boy he's lucky he was right. The fight between the two was great as Medusa  was still more powerful than him. She got Phoenix caught quickly and then turned into stone. I love that she left afterwards since there was no way of finishing Phoenix so she had to retreat.
Haruto soon finds Phoenix and finally sees him in his human form. Phoenix goes straight to the fighting as well. Haruto quickly goes into his base states, but gets into the Dragon States since those work greatly on Phoenix. He uses Water Dragon again and tries the Blizzard and slash move like last time. Phoenix takes it on like a little breeze and shoves Haruto away. Hurricane Dragon is then used as he uses Kick Strike right after changing. Then he finishes Phoenix off with a Slash Strike in that Dragon form. Phoenix is so powerful that he even regenerates faster. Haruto learns that he has to do something new as he tries Land Dragon, but he has no chance. The episode ends with Phoenix revealing a new power, Phoenix Wings! The wings are fully covered in fire as before Haruto is attacked the screen turns black. I will agree some of the cliff hangers in recent rider shows haven't been that good, but this one is great. It's right at the point of maximum suspense and cutting off at the exact best time.
Oh this series never ceases to amaze me. The Phoenix episodes are great and this one is the best so far. Phoenix has completely become too powerful and both heroes and villains struggle with him. Sora is being having a grand time as we still don't know exactly what he is plotting, but I can tell it's going to be grand. The fights were absolutely perfect with some of the best effects thanks to Phoenix's wings. You all know what this gets, an A+!
Next Time: All Dragon!


  1. Phoenix's wings are BA. Practically screamed at my screen when I realized they were cutting it off at that moment.

    Though I don't think it was blood on Rinko's badge, but char, like it was partly melted.

  2. Well it had some red on it and Rinko did have scabs on her face. Burning can lead to bleeding since it can damage the skin. Also since she was taken out before being consumed by the flames I bet she was bleeding in some spots of her body.