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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Concerns About Kyoryuger (Update)

With Go-busters over now it's time for the new team to take the lead. I want to put some of my concerns since there are things I can't wait to see and then there are things I am worried about.
The first thing I want to mention as it came up recently is the Gold warrior already being revealed. The first episode hasn't even come yet and they are releasing so much information about him. I am wondering when exactly he will come in the series then. If we are getting this type of news for him he could be coming after the first ten episodes. This could mean that this series could have more than six warriors which worries me because usually mechas combine and I don't want another cluster like G-12 (explanation: I really don't like the big and over sized mechas they are just way too slow and it ruins the fight). All I hope is that before having the sixth warrior is that the series gets down with an arc.
Going on with the mechs I am very happy to see more practical effects being used. I was happy with how Go-busters blended effects with suit action, but the effects really got bad in the later episodes. So keeping with actually having to move the mechs will save Toei money I guess and can have really good finishers. It could be like Goseiger's when Gosei Great has real fire on his sword. So I am hoping the series can keep up with good mecha action unlike many recent Sentai series. Going back to what I said before as long as they don't do the cluster combinations everything will be okay.
In the trailers it is said the heroes will transform with samba which is a type of dance. I wonder if this series could do some callbacks to Battle Fever J. Still this is what worries me as this does show how upbeat the show will be. I hope the music won't be annoying and by the music so far, it doesn't seem like that. I still haven't heard of the battle music or background sounds. I was expecting some annoying and it being way too fast, but the opening theme sounds controlled and has a good cheery attitude and the heroic side as well. The ending theme I am not that much of a fan of that one since it repeats with words a little too much and doesn't vary that much. So right now the opening theme gives me hope on what the music will be like, but I really wonder what music will be used in the climatic parts of the series since opening themes are used for really big battles.
From the first episode preview it seems like the Red will have his reveal to the team. So many Sentai series have done this and that's not a good sign. Heck, Zyuranger had that method for the first episode as well. I really like it when the first episode shows more of the team like Go-onger did that for the first episode. Also I do love Go-onger and that had some odd humor. I liked some of those parts, but so far I don't really know on how the comedy will be done in this film. One thing I can say for sure the narrator for the promos is annoying! I so hope he won't be the narrator for the series since I can't take his yelling at all.
Overall, Kyoruyuger gives me mixed feelings, but I will have to wait for the first episode to actually have some real feelings for it. One more thing I will say is that their swords look cool, but the guns look like rejected Nerf guns. I mean wow did they have to use yellow that much? Another thing I was hoping were some unique parts for each weapon like at least some little color enhancements that could be sold with the whole toy. The gun just looks like it's for the non-existing yellow member of the team.

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