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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Episode 2 Review: The Power of Science!

In this episode of Megaforce we get an episode for Noah as we learn about his love for knowledge. Also the aliens want to investigate the humans before going for an all out attack. With UFO being sent down he captures humans for experiments. How will the team react to UFO's abducting people?
The first thing I want to talk about is how they got around the stock footage and didn't copy it exactly. This is like episode one again as they tried to do something different. If I remember in Goseiger, the team was reluctant of fighting for each other. Alata and Eri were already fighting for the humans, Moune and Aigri wanted to fight on their own because they thought they were much more powerful, and Hyde was thinking they shouldn't be involved with the humans. For Noah he stuck around with one of his teachers as they both talk about what science can soon solve. Along with this Gia and Jake try to fend off the monster and his army by themselves. Troy and Emma weren't that involved, but Troy had a good scene with Creepox. Creepox wanted to fight him already, but Troy didn't want to fight yet. I can see that Troy is relying on his team already. That was another point of the episode is to show that the team is at it's strongest when everyone is around. A little cliche, but it's another nice callback to MMPR.
I was very happy with how the dubbing for the MOTW was done since his lines weren't funny, but smart. He talked out loud of what he thought like a scientist would when he experiments. It shows that this creature was actually developing some theories even though he still boasted most of the time. Also the creature then seemed to be a smarter villain. Creepox seems to be very similar to his counterpart where he wants to fight. What's different is that he sees no potential for humans and only wanted to fight Troy to make an example. In Goseiger, Alata had a rivalry with this villain and it was okay. I still can't say much on the main villains right, but I do like how they want to experiment the humans before going for a big upscale battle.
Episode 2 did follow Goseiger in when the mecha was shown and this time the name Gosei doesn't get in the way since having robots named after a leader makes sense. I'm not so happy hearing Gosei Great Megazord because it's just the original name with Megazord at the end. Oh well the first mecha fight is really good since it's stock footage, but I really like how Goseiger went back to particle effects. For example the fire on the Gosei Great sword is really real fire! This could be stretching it since it's been a long time that PR did their own mecha scenes. I would still like to see that being used though for future episodes. With how the show is using the stock footage it's getting off it's own presence and having more American fight scenes will help as well.
Episode 2 is like the first episode where there isn't too much special, but the potential is still there. They added some nice things like Noah's love for science and the start of the growing relationship with the team. Along with that the MOTW was enjoyable as he conducted on some research during battle and seeing the main villains doing some thinking makes them seem smarter than they appear. Finally we had a much better use of the suits in the American footage as this boosts that potential of more American fight scenes up. I give it a C+ since it's another above average episode with some nice nods to MMPR.

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