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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Episode 5 Review: Work Slaves!

For this episode of Megaforce we get a focus episode for the two female members of the team. The episode mostly shines on their friendship and the villains try to use that agaisnt them. The new monster can control people and she soon makes the two women hate each other. Will the two girl rekindle their bonds or will the team suffer from defeat?
Now for this episode it felt more closer to the Goseiger plot just with the big difference of the girls being friends already. In Goseiger episode nine the two were having their issues and this caused them to suffer in battle. What I did like though was how they used the Yamajuu arc footage already. They showcase the Land Armor of Vrak so they are mixing different arc footage already and I am happy with this. This does make me wonder though if they will use the original look for him in any of the battles. What works great with this piece of stock footage is that the two girls are working well together which soon leads the two hating each other cause of the monster. So it is closer to the original series, but they used different footage which is a good sign for the future of the series.
For the two girls it was a good episode for them as their friendship is very strong. Then seeing their hatred for each other turns into a big flaw was nicely done. Sadly though we don't get too much. This is a big cliche and not many things feel special. It's odd how much cliches are being done for Toku series right now and this one gives not much different on the two best friends turning on each other. Also their friendship is like the really corny stuff as I wished we saw some more evidence of them being friends other than constantly being around each other. What could have helped if there was more scenes with the two together since Mia felt left out for the first four episodes. Overall I wish there can be a little more new things with this cliche plot point and some more evidence and scenes for the two girls.
For the MOTW it was very similar to the original, but this one decides to make the two friends hate each other for some reason. I mean really if she could control people why didn't she do this with the women. She takes control of many other men to be her slaves, but doesn't bother with making the two girls being slaves. She was very close to defeating the team since she had control over the three guys. The Goseiger episode does share this flaw as well so it's not only Megaforce. What I did like was how they used the suit for more of their own footage and mostly comedic footage as well. It was very nice to see the series use the monster suit for more than just a quick shot and for fights. Still it suffers like the Goseiger episode did.
Another thing I did enjoy in this episode was the humor. It was mostly with the monster taking control of the guys and making them do things they did want. She made them clean her up with cleaning her feet and nails. Also fanning her down and she still had complete control in battle. She really abused the three heroes as Troy was made to kick Noah and then all three of them had to shut themselves up. It was really funny seeing the guys still cover their mouths even though the were free from her control. So the humor was a little childish at times, but how the actors worked with it was well done and made me laugh a couple of times.
Overall a pretty enjoyable episode with the cliches being the biggest flaws of the episode. Still there was a nice sense of humor that was done well by the actors. Stock footage was used well since it had some mixing around for this episode. Also the series continues to make nice transitions between the original and stock footage. Then the dubbing was good also. I would give it a C- since the two female characters are alright, but their friendship needs a lot more to make me care about it. So far I still only care for the male characters as they portrayed great traits and shown how they are useful to the team. With the women yes their teamwork is a great thing, but seeing it crumble then and seeing the team completely get defeated by the MOTW just means that whenever these two females fight it will mean big trouble for the team.

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