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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 3 Review: Slash!

With Pink and Blue now on getting closer to King as the three act more like a Sentai, but there are a total of five members and it's time for the forth member to open up. How will the green furious slasher join the team what and what will he bring to the team?
We are getting a more serious green warrior for this team as this character reminds me a lot of Daigo from Dairanger. Both of these guys are serious when they battle it's just Souji is more out of control. Is he still a badass, HELL YEA! I love his sword play, it's a mixture of a real style along with some free styling. He can even toss his sword while it's behind his back with only two of his fingers! This episode really makes Souji look like a die hard fighter as he got a great amount of out of suit action. Now his character is alright though. He is just a boy who wants to surpass his father in the way of the sword, but lately he is too crazy with his blade. Luckily he finds a way to combine both styles into one and I loved it. His father was a role in this as he is the strict father type and there wasn't too much special going on with this. The only special part is how King relates his childhood to Souji's. My favorite so far is still Nobuhara since his character feels it as a lot more to it. Still I know I'm going to love when Souji fights.
Reminding me of Nobuhara we start to get what his schtick is. I forgot to mention this in the last reviews as each member of the team as some sort of tick that stands out. With Nobu he has a punny sense of humor as he uses puns a lot making him seem older than he is. Amy has this thing where she yells out "wow" at random points and I guess it's because she is from America. King is full of bravery and energy along with some stupidity, but I will get to that later. With Souji I can tell his thing will be whenever he gets happy since he acts like a serious guy. He did smile in this episode and that caused a little humorous scene. Then with Black it's his playboy style, just think of Gai Yuuki except for the awesome part. Overall the characters are fine as they are building up nicely with each other, but sadly in the beginning Souji got out of control. I wonder what could have prevented this... I bet Torin could have done something like a month ago.
Well going on with Daigo he did exactly what he did in the last episode and that's fine. He is showing why he is named King as he is person to follow. Daigo shows some good qualities and I loved seeing him comparing himself to Souji. He wants to be involved with his teammates and that's great. During a duel with Green, it was supposed to be a sword match, but Daigo pulls out his gun and technically wins the match. Now I hope there won't be dumb moments like that just because he lived in the wild. For a guy who calls himself King doesn't know much about duels. It does show a skill gap though since Daigo had to use his gun showing that Souji clearly has more sword potential and the whole episode shows that well. I can let it slide here since that shows something, but I hope there won't be more moments like that since it could become predictable then.
Unlike the last episode where the villains seemed to just to get lucky with their plan to get human emotions. This time getting anger is actually a plan. The MOTW is a cage guy who traps very strong men and keeps them prisoner in a much bigger cage as all them are furious with their rage. This leads to that anger being sent to the villains for their leader. A very good plan even if it's simple. It really works well and engaging emotions is much easier than one might think. As you can tell anger is the emotion this time so the anger general came out to fight in the first fight. The only thing I don't like about him is the bottom half as it looks like pajama pants. It's also completely yellow as it stands out and doesn't work with the top half at all. Still this guy is a tough one as the team weren't able to bash him around like they did with Sorrow. So we already see that not every general will be easy to fight. This time the villains had some organization compared to the other times as this felt like more of a plan. Let us hope they keep up with these smart plans.
For the action portion of the show I was very happy with it. Tons of out of suit action was used for this episode as it really reminds me of Dairanger and many other 90's Sentai. Souji even had a fight against the MOTW with only his sword and it was amazing. There is a new battery used as it summons two dinos that form into a bike. So we got a motorbike fight since the MOTW is a fast guy. It always feel odd to see bikes in Sentai and since Green and Red were the only ones on them it felt more like rider. I had this issue in Go-busters as well, but with Kyoryuger it only had two moments so far where it felt more like rider. Still the action was over the top and with a new insert song it helped with the feeling of the fight. This episode is easily my favorite for the action was it really got a little more wild than the last two episodes, but still has a nice direction. For the mecha battle it was another quick fight that tended to be CGI again. It's fine, but the mecha battles doesn't have anything that special yet for me. I really heavily enjoyed episode one with the T-rex mech since there was a nice blend of effects. With Kyoryujin it's too short to remember and doesn't leave on a memorable note.
 Overall this is my favorite episode so far since Souji is a fun character who acts more serious and is skilled with his sword. I loved how Daigo related himself to him and knowing that he will find his way soon. Also the villains seemed more organized and the Anger general is showing that he can be a good rival character for Souji. The only big flaw is Souji's story as it doesn't have a big impact that Nobuhara's had and didn't have anything that different to it. I did like the father character, but only for his skills and knowing that his actor played Goggle Black. The mecha fight was good, but it just doesn't leave a good impression as the annoying combination music just gets stuck in my head. I would give this episode an A- since those two flaws were the only thing keeping this episode from being perfect.
Next Time: A playboy in action

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