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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 20 Review: Wishing Upon a Star

For this episode of Kyoryuger, our heroes make dreams upon the Tanabata, but what they don't know that this works along with Debos next plan.
The first thing I would like to bring up that this episode does a better part with developing King than episode eighteen. The previous episode really just made King the strongest fighter again and how they treated him accepting fear just made it look like a power-up. With this episode we actually see more of that fear becoming real as his friends were in a near death situation. He was even more "Brave" than usual as he fought by himself and even when he got the tar kicked out of him he still followed the MOTW. The big part though is that his father appears for real! This is no illusion as he really does appear before his son and helps him out with the MOTW. Now I will say this that does fall into an obvious cliche with a wish coming true, but that was this whole episode. Also King didn't write his wish down as he just thought of it and looked to the stars asking for his father to appear. With his father appearing the episode shows how much he really wants to be back with his father. Sadly his father tells him to keep following the path of the dinosaur and I can tell he is happy with his son right now as he is impressed that everyone calls him King.
Sadly King was the only real big focus of the episode, but there were some nice additions from other characters. This mostly goes with their wishes since a wish does show the true desires inside of someone. We get a little step into Amy's development as she wants a high test grade because her butler is going on about being a true lady yada yada episode fourteen's plot. Souji's wish was rather simple as he just wants a new sword along with Ucchi just wanting ice cream. I was surprised with Ian's wish which was discovering a new type of fossil I would think it would be lady related, but nope that was Nossan. Nossan keeps it a secret, but we do find out later as he wants to be more popular with the ladies. I found this funny because you think he would want to wish his family to be happy or something like that. Also I felt that the wishes could establish more character traits or how they are developing. With Souji he easily could have had to be more social in his life or to be more open while Ucchi to become the type of samurai he wants to be. So it was a missed opportunity for this episode, but I am not too mad about it.
There was a hint at a possible plot related twist maybe coming soon since King's father did have a bag on him for some reason. He even meets Torin so this clearly establishes that him and Torin do know each other. Could King's father have any reason why King became part of a Sentai? Now I wasn't happy how it hinted at it as King sees the bag and remembers that his father had the same bag. King just goes "whatever" about it though and keeps being happy that he was able to see his father in person for a long time. Now you would think he would pounce at the moment that there was anything close to his father since he has a strong desire to meet him again. Also how it was played out at the end of the episode I have a feeling that this could be revealed very late in the series then, but who knows the series did have a big progress mark previously with Debos becoming stronger, well it could have been I should say....
Now with the villain's plan for this episode it was related to wishes as the monster has a Tanabata theme. He gets his papers out around the city so that people will write on them. Then whenever the wish comes true the slip will return to him. Now the worst part is that people's good luck energy will be taken from them by the next day and they will die then. I do like this plan because the good luck energy basically applies to happiness since this was Candy's plan I would guess. Also having a wish come true would make anyone happy. So it would probably take all of someone's happiness in general. Then the MOTW really was in hiding he didn't get too cocky about the plan as he kept hiding as he retrieved more paper slips. Then the only time he got cocky was near the next day as King was the only one left to fight him and who wouldn't be like that when there is basically minutes left before the plan is accomplished. So the monster was good on how he played out his plan and he also wasn't much of a fighter and how he acted shows that well.
Sadly the last thing I got is the action which wasn't much either. I will say this episode really did feel like a filler episode because there wasn't a lot of depth to the episode. The really only meat of the episode was King wanting to see his father which is pretty much it. So now with the action part of the episode was good. First thing I have to say is that Candy finally has an attack! This is the first time she ever got into a fight! I can't believe it took this long for a moment like that. To give credit then she did seem strong like the other commanders because her attack did knock King out of his transformation. Now it was a one shot glory as that was the only thing she did for this episode other than support her monster. Her attack was pretty stupid I will say, but that clearly fits her theme overall. She is a dumb character and I wouldn't be surprised if her attack was stupid and kind of out there. Still major props to Candy actually fighting for once.
The rest of the action was pretty much saved up till the end since everyone, but King was unable to fight because of their wishes being granted and thus the beginning of their energy being drained. The big fight was well done and they did play the theme song again...... *sigh* I give up on this argument I'm getting tired complaining about it. Still the fight was well done though as we did get to see the Armed On weapons do the two way and three way combination. Sadly these were the same ones from before, but they were used together this time so at least there was that. Also another part of what I liked with the fight was the MOTW as he wrote wishes to stop the team or make them miss. I will say he could easily kill them with an attack like that and even he gets his energy drained from his own wishes so again why not take the easy route? Still it was a fun fight as the mecha fight was okay since I am still waiting for a Raiden Kyoryujin with one of the forms like Kung-Fu which was used in this episode. Pretty much though it was Kung-Fu using the effects from before which still look good and having Gold have pretty much a cameo appearance with his mech.
This episode does lack some detailing that could have helped to make it feel more important, but overall it's a good episode. We finally get some real development for King as his desire to see his father again. There was also a little step to the main plot and some of the wishes do give us a new look with some of the characters. The MOTW was a pretty good one as he was effective, but still if he could write his own wishes why not go all out and kill off some people? The final thing is that the comedy in this episode was weak and the episode did try to have some, but with lives at risk it's kinda hard to be laughing right now. So I would give this episode a C+ as it was pretty much average as the only strong part of the episode was King.
Next Time: Kyoryuger's next ally?

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