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Monday, July 25, 2011

Poll Results #2

Did you like Eternal's Movie?
Yes- 9
no- 0

How Would You Rate Kamen Rider Double?
Amazing- 15
Good- 0
Bad- 0
Horrible- 0

Do You Think KuroKishi (BullBlack) Should Count as a Sixth Ranger?
Yes- 12 (80%)
No- 3 (20%)

Your Opinion On Gokaiger?
Awsome Series- 23 (88%)
Good Series- 3 (11%)
Bad Series- 0
Horrible Series- 0

My Thoughts
I did really enjoy the eternal movie it was a great origin story and heck that could have easily been use for a beginning on a series.
If you remember my Double review you know how much I love that series.
If you saw my Gokaiger episode 20 review you know my thoughts on KuroKishi (BullBlack)
Also Im a big fan of Gokaiger right now, so far and if it continues like it is. It can easily be one of best sentai series, could even by my favorite will be hard to be Boukenger though :D

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