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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Early Thoughts About Episode 33 Of Gokaiger

This is the tribute I cant wait for the most, Dairanger is a big favorite of mine with having a great cast of characters and imo some of the best fights in the franchise. Dairanger is known for the out of suit action it had which was awsome in many ways also it was a bloody series. Dairanger was a serious series, but it also had great comedy along with it. By the preview this episode could be my favorite episode because not only will Gai fight out of suit we will see Ryou fight along with him. I remember a lot of his out of suit fights from the series mostly with Jin. Also its awsome to see a veteran with no powers still try to take action like we have saw with Doggie (Dekamaster), the three Hurricangers, Gai Yuki (Black Condor), and Goro (Ohred). It shows that even with age they still have their experience to support them. Ryou is probably the toughest though from these guys imo because he did do some dangerous training and had issues with physical and mental strength. High chance Gai and Ryou will easily get a victory out of suit and I sooooooo cant wait for that fight. Another thing I am hoping is the references for Dairanger there will be. Too bad Kou couldnt make it I would like to see him after a couple of years.

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