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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 32 Reivew: Fire Away!

So after the big loss to Basco, Ohred gives the team some final words before leaving which is mostly about combining their powers to take down their foes. Gai actually did get his arm broken or fractured as he has that usual paper cast you see in these shows. Marve, Joe, and Luka are training because of that loss, but Doc is trying to make a new weapon. During when Doc was outside he meets a boy practicing for soccer alone and when I saw him up close he reminded me of myself. This boy has wants to play soccer, wears glasses, has similar hair to mine, and says sorry a lot, he is my asian counterpart, lol! Well Doc talks with the kid as it seems he wants to get better by himself because he wants to be a star player. After that Doc begins to adjust the Gokai Gun by giving it two slots and even though he does a lot of repairs he never made his own weapon before. Doc tries the new gun by using two ranger keys this time as it easily destroyes a boulder, but the new MOTW appears and attacks. The rest of the team show up as they try to fight the new monster with finisher attacks. They use their usual finisher, JAKQ's Big Bomber, Dynaman's Super Dynamite, and Doc uses his new gun, but all fail as they cant even damage his shield. The team soon retreat by using Kakuranger and now Doc's new gun cannot work anymore as he needs more Gokai Cylindars to make a new weapon.

Doc goes back outside and meets the kid again who is now down on his luck as he doesnt believe that he wont be a star player. Doc gets his spirits by helping him with his practice. After that the two talk about how to be on the top you have to work with your teammates and now Doc is ready to make a more powerful weapon. Doc needs more cylindars so the rest of the team give him their weapons as they have to fight the monster with no weapons as Doc makes the new weapon. Gai mentions about how it looks similar to the Ole Bazooka and Doc uses Ohranger's grand powers to give the weapon the power it needed. The four use Gekiranger and Changeman, but they still cannot break the shield. Doc comes in and shoots the monster down with the Gokai Galleon Buster! They use the finisher attack Rising Strike and break through the shield and defeating the monster. He is revived and grows bigger, but the shield is no more, even without it though he still proves to be a challenge. Until Gai comes in with Gozyujin as the team use the Hurricanger finisher. Doc meets up with the kid again on the next day and he isnt one of the starter players, but he is still on the team and will always try to get there someday.

So episode 32 is a filler episode, but its a great one as it shows sometimes power can be the key to winning. I know there will be people who will go the cannon is cliche and doesnt show the treu potential of the team, but sometimes its the only way. Also this shows how smart Doc is because how he makes the cannon in the first place. Now I was confused about how the team didnt have any weapons even when changing into other sentai. I guess their weapons also get changed when they change it does make sense, but will the cannon ever be used again? Because the cannon needed parts of other weapons and the team need their weapons back so will Doc find a way for the guns and sword equip with the cannon or will it be scrapped. So overall the episode shows great power with the team as Doc tries to help the team the best way he can and with the scenes with asain me help him to see that I give this episode an A-

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