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Monday, October 3, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 5 Review: Shocking

Well after a quick recap of the last events of the series so far we see that Jake is trying to be friends with Gentaro and even calling him boss. Meanwhile a student is practicing his fencing who seems to have some issues with Jake and then the Scorpio Zodiart appears and gives him a switch which turns into a unicorn zodiart which looks fimilar to the unicorn yummy from OOO. Also Shu tries to get close to Miu since he is the King, but he is also somewhat worried about her because of the rumors about her hanging with Gentaro and the rest of the gang freaks him out. He says that Gentaro is the trashiest of all, but she has new opinions on him now. She goes to the Rabbit Hutch to get into space and hangs around finding a new foodroid its a fry related one that works with the new switch Scissors. Also another switch appears the Elek switch and it has the greatest amount of power so far. At the cafeteria we see the goth girl getting close to Yuki as she helps her with her lunch and vanishes very quickly. Jake is still trying to get close to him and thanks to a female helper Gentaro is convinced to go to a party. Jake sees the man who now has a switch and he tries to get away, but the guy caught up to him and tries to attack him. Gentaro soon comes out though and fights the new zodiart and soon uses the Elek switch it proves to be a powerful one, but Gentaro also gets some of the shock and with that the zodiart gets away.

After the fight we see the two teachers talking about the party and the creepy teacher seems to be a Scorpio (I bet that isnt giving anything away). Back at Rabbit Hutch two more switches appear, Beat and Chain Array as Kengo talks to Miu about why is she still here. She says that she is the president of the Kamen Rider Club and has Queen its important to watch over the school as she gives orders. Also she hit a good note about how Yuki calls her Kengo every time as it seems she is special to him, but of course Yuki doesnt hear anything because she is blasting music. Kengo doesnt really say it, but he gets nervous very quickly. Gentaro goes to the party where a lot of people are around and Gen accepts Jake as a friend after seeing how many he has. Sadly though the Unicorn Zodiart appears again as Gen fights him again. Yuki comes in and gives the new switches to Gen as he uses Beat which is a boombox equip. Then the chain array which is like a mace as he throws the spike ball at the zodiart. He had a trick though as he takes his face and horn off and uses it as a sword. Kengo calls him and says to use the Elek switch again, but Gen doesnt have it anymore as it seems Jake had a friend steal it for him because Jake saw how powerful the switch was. The episode then ends with Gen getting attacked by the zodiart.

So thats episode five and its another good episode, first I like how Miu is acting now because she knows how trashy Shu really is now. Also she is getting more involved with the others now as she actually does seem to help or want to at least help. Also I like how Jake reacts to this situation that a superhero is around he thinks he can use those powers as well to protect himself. Another thing to like is that the episode is nice and simple with showing who is the zodiart at the beginning unlike the last 4 episodes, but there is a mystery still as why is he after Jake in the first place. The fights were good as well as showing the powers of new switches mostly with Elek having a lot of power. It shows that the switches are a mystery as well because who knows what they can do in battle. I cant wait for next week as the Elek State will be seen and Jake will then join the club, but this episode gets an A-

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