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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai Broken Dreams Review

Its time for Samurai.... ugh. Well the episode starts off with the team training as Jayden still thinks about what Decker said about how both of them are dark. Mia soon comes, but leaves because she has to cook because Anotonio has been doing a lot lately. At the Sanzu River Xandred is mad at Dayu because she didnt finish off Decker. She talks back because of her past and says to destory her if she is so useless. Xandred though sets her sitar on fire as it is damaged and she goes outside to find a way to fix it. Xandred then sends the rinho monster. Dayu finds a man with a guitar and tries to kidnap him so he could fix the sitar, Mia was there though as the two fight. The monster shows up though and tries to put the two to asleep, but not before putting other people including Bulk and Spike to sleep. The others come before he could knock the two out as Dayu runs. Mia chases her and Emily tries to follow. Antonio jumps in soon, but is sent to sleep (just like Shinkenger). The monster escapes through the sleeping Antonio though and catches up with Dayu and Mia as they fall asleep from his attack.

Similar, but now with annoying dream puns

The team find out the only way to fight the monster is to enter the dream world as Jayden opens it as Kevin and Mike enter. There they see Bulk as a samurai and the monster as they fight him in the dream world. At first he had the lead, but the others find out that they can break physics as well and chase him out of the dream world, there he escapes. Back to Mia she dreams of being a great cook, but she enters Dayu's dream as we see Decker holding a woman as the couple looked married. We see that the woman is Dayu as the two give each other gifts a sword (odd gift I must say) and a guitar. During their honeymoon their house goes into flames as she gets Decker out, but it seems he wont make it. There a new villian is seen who is the American Akumaro as he makes a deal with her to have both of them turn into monsters so he could live. She exepcts, but he tricks her as Decker loses his memories and she leaves with the decision she has made as she changes into a monster (Saban actually did something original!). Before the monster fled his dream thing was destoryed as everyone wakes up as Antonio and Jayden fight the giant moogers (I really hate that name) with the lion and lobster zords. It was an odd fight because they edit around with the scene which made it look very weird hey at least its original. Mia and Dayu wake up as Mia actually wants to help Dayu turn back into a human, but she attacks Mia as Emily jumps in and takes the hit and Dayu leaves. With Jayden and Antonio they are tired, but Decker appears as Jayden looks he is ready to fight.

So thats Broken Dreams and this was actually a good episode if not great. First this episode actually used more original footage and did some good editing with it expect the zord fight. There is still some copy moments, but thats only with the villians expect for Dayu and Decker's past. With that, that scene is the best of the series no doubt. First its completely different from Shinkenger, its still pretty dark, Dayu's actress is good, it shows a new villian, and it gives a new view on Dayu who in Shinkenger was a jealous woman who wanted a man, while in Samurai is a woman who must deal with the decision that has changed her life as she loses her husband he isnt dead, but he will never remember her. Now I can already see that Decker and Dayu will probably live in this series, but the reason is well done and I actually like this Dayu more now. Sure she acts the same as the original Dayu, that one big difference is similar, but different still. There were still some bad puns though, the zord fight was a mess, and some of the acting is still bad. With that this episode gets a B+ I will actually continue to watch this series as well thanks to that scene way to go Saban you could be actually saving this show.
I actually cant wait to see what they do with him now.


  1. Not to be a downer, but I'm not sure if you're gonna keep the optimism for long... But, we'll see. I hope you keep positive.

  2. I have a feeling that filler episodes will tick me off, but they need to change big key points at least it will be watchable then