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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze and OOO MEGAMAX 1st Trailer (Spoliers to OOO)

Well the trailer is already out for the next team up movie, but this one will include a lot more than previous ones. First we get our main heroes of course with their own stories probably as OOO will have to face a new rider who uses core medals Poseidon. Fourze will focus around a new female rider and the many sightings of zoidarts. Also the villians who are using the switches are people from the organization from kamen rider double. High chance they are the ones who found the three new core medals and are focusing on a new project the switches. The movie will also include Ichigo, Nigo who looks different again he keeps switching around first he looks like Ichigo now hes back with the black helmet. Also Stronger and Double will fight along in this movie so I am very hyped about it. It seems that this movie is going to connect to other series like with Double and the organzation. Im just hoping the writing will be very good because they have to explian how..................... (Spoiler!) Ankh comes back. So not only we will get the two main heroes, but two new riders, and four veteran riders this better be really good.

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