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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Power Ranger Samurai Origin Episodes

Well the two episodes we have been waiting for is coming near the end of October, personally I dont care because they will be cut and paste like the other episodes. I still dont get why they are doing this now, there is no point to it. First we already have the sixth ranger and the first big battle with Jayden and Decker is going to happen soon. So why have the origin after that it will be confusing to kids and boring because we already know the team. There will also be no Antonio so that will make it even more boring. Also there is something I dont get I saw episode descriptions that they say Samurai Finale? They will be at the episodes with the dream monster from Shinkenger which could also show Dayu's dark past or Saban will have to change that or not mention it at all. Is this really the finale though because that makes no sense. Maybe they just mean season finale, but why even call it a finale? The story will not be over with Decker just gone, in Shinkenger he came back so high chance they will do the same with Decker, and the series havent even shown the battlizer and other mechas. I am probably right with the season finale, but still whats the point of calling it a finale?! Also there will be special episodes that are just flashbacks and I think it will be two episodes of that, thats more boring then showing the origin late! So overall I could be done with the series by if I watch the boring flashback episodes and just watch Shinkenger again because repeating that series is similar to Samurai, but better!

Shinkenger an amazing series

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