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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poll Results #13

Do You Like The Switch On PV?
Yes- 13
No- 11
Do You Like The Song Switch On?
Yes- 27
No- 2

What Do You Think Will Be The Motif For Gobusters?
Ghostbusters- 19
Animals- 4
Spies- 5
Other- 4

How Do You Feel About Red RPM Only Being In Suit?
Happy- 4
Sad- 5
Mad- 6
Disappointed- 30

Do You Like Gavan Bootleg?
Yes- 15
No- 2

My Thoughts
I really do like the song Switch On, but as I said before the PV that goes with it is bland and boring nothing special about it. With the newest set of rumors being the truth it seems that there will be a mix of themes, but Ghostbusters will affect the comedy, the villians, and possibly characters of the show. Gobusters will also use the robot animals along with them having a food motif as the team will also act like spies, to be honest it seems this series is having too many motives together. Yes having Scott's character only being in suit ticks me off, but at least they tried to explain why. Finally Bootleg looks awsome, he has the same shiny suit as Gavan, but the look of evil works greatly with the other colors he has. If he is really going to catch Gavan he is going to be a hard villian.

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