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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 43 Review: Facing Your Inner Shadow (Spolier Alert!)

Beginning this episode is Hayami giving Yuuki two papers for her and Kengo for space training in America and only one can go. Yuuki is completely ecstatic and starts talking out loud about the voice from space. Gamou overhears and talks to her about it. It seems the major reason why Yuuki wanted to go to space is because she heard a voice from space when she was young. When she starts to leave Gamou orders Hayami to look at her with the Laplace Eye. Hayami then sees that Yuuki has the Gemini constellation. When Gen gets to the school he sees Yuuki flipping around and torn up Kengo's paper. At the Rabbit Hutch the gang start to interrogate Yuuki about what she has done. Even Gen is accusing her since he saw her and Yuuki is mad at Gen for distrusting her when she says she is innocent. During this Yuuki mentions something about a ticket, but no one including Gen doesn't know what she is talking about. Later on at school Yuuki is being blamed for graffiti all around the school, personal property, and even on people. Yuuki thinks that a Doppelganger is behind this, but of course no one would believe that (foreshadowing). After Yuuki is chased by the group of students we see Yuuki playing pranks on Jake and Shun. Things go too far though as she gets to Miu and tries to force her off a building! Gen comes for the save thanks to Fourze's power and soon Yuuki transforms into Gemini. Gen doesn't want to fight Gemini since it's Yuuki, but that doesn't stop her from attacking. Meteor shows up and he doesn't know the news yet so he tries to fight, but surprisingly Gemini blocks most of Meteor's attacks. Gemini has explosive cards and with these she gets the two heroes on the ground. The fight ends with Gemini running away and soon Yuuki appears again. Again Yuuki is saying she is innocent, but the gang doesn't believe her. She is tied up at the Rabbit Hutch and the team think about the situation. Yuuki soon gets free and even though the gang wants to help, she thinks they are all turning on her. She gets to her house and we get to see her parents and lets say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Yuuki's parents are very weird and like to dress up for themes when they eat dinner. When Yuuki gets to her room we find out that there was an imposter. Actually this girl is a part of Yuuki as she came when Yuuki was forced to press a switch. The dark Yuuki is a hidden part of her and she says she will take everything from Yuuki. Gen and Ryusei show up and fight Gemini with their powers. When things seem over Sagittarius appears and wants to keep her around since she also heard the voice from the stars. In twelve hours whichever Yuuki is the strongest will become the real one. With Dark Yuuki having the power of Gemini and Yuuki is in complete distraught, things aren't looking good for her. Gemini soon uses her Supernova as it makes a clone of herself. She uses it as a bomb as it has a card on it. Gen is about to be caught in the explosion, but Meteor saves him and takes the blow.
Did I mention her father is Dr.Maki!
For once Yuuki isn't that annoying since she is facing some serious things right now. I do like how Gemini works with split personalities and again Fourze is reminding me of Persona again. The dark Yuuki is completely haywire and does what Yuuki had thought of before. She torn up Kengo's paper because Yuuki wants to go to space and then she played pranks on the others because Yuuki actually thinks about acting like a hooligan. Then Gemini's powers are good again the cards don't help with me thinking of Persona (mostly 4), but I like how the red cards instantly explode and the blue ones are controlled. Having just these two can make a big strategy in battle and Gemini proved that. She can place the blues ones in good places including her own clone. Overall this character arc is good, but it reminds me of the Swan Zodiarts as he had the split personality as well.
Having Yuuki be the focus is good, but I would have rather had Swan become Gemini.
One thing that was weird was the comedy as it acted like a Home Alone rip off. Dark Yuuki was playing pranks on Jake and Shun and what she did to Jake was just hose him down with water. At least Shun had the bucket with something in it. Also Ohsugi got pranked and it was the better of the other two, but it just didn't fit in with this episode. At least it didn't last long as things got serious when Miu could have been greatly injured. So the beginning of the episode had more of a comedic tone, but it just doesn't work well and makes the progression feel slower since the series is supposed to end around episode 48. Then there are Yuuki's parents, it was nice to see them, but they were like the beginning of this episode. They felt out of place and probably won't be shown that much in this arc. The only good thing I can say about them is that it shows that Yuuki is similar to her parents.
Again the switches are being used more often. He had Cosmic with Elek and Cosmic used Launcher fused with Net. It isn't a whole lot compared to the last two episodes, but I always like to see the fusions of switches. Launcher and Net made a good combo since Fourze can fire projectiles that can trap the enemy. Also Gemini with her cards did make some more interesting moments with the fights. The first fight was good since we could see that Gemini actually had good close combat skills as she took on Meteor head on. Then the second she was getting beaten until Sagittarius arrived, but she came back with her clone bomb. Overall though it was just her messing around with the heroes.
Another part I didn't like at all was how the gang was reacting to all of this. It was just a huge cliche path as they just suspected Yuuki of everything. I can see a group of students who don't know anything will suspect her, but the gang should be used to the unexpected by now. They even faced Swan who had split personalities so you would think the heroes would think of another possibility. Also along with the cliche they are nearly doing nothing much different so that really ticks me off more.
It feels weird for me to say this, but the best part is Yuuki. She is facing her inner self and I like that theme, but it's just not being used that differently. Everyone just suspected like they never faced anything like this, but that have! The episode also has a quick ending because it ends with Meteor getting hit by the explosion, but the episode had a good pace so why the sudden ending. I am liking the voice with the stars and how Gamou also heard it. The comedy is boring and the episode just follows a straight path, I give it a C- I hope the next episode will be much better.
Next Time: Uhhhhhhh. Someone call Chris Hansen!

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