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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life is Showtime Full PV!

The new theme song for the recent rider series Wizard has come out with the pull PV! First I have mentioned it's nice to have a male singer back to Kamen Rider, now I love WBX, but Anything Goes and Switch On weren't as great as other rider themes. Life is Showtime is a great song and the music video that comes with it works perfectly. It's a pretty weird music video I have to say for a rider song, but the video easily captures the energy the song has. It begins with the singer Shō Kiryūin getting beaten up by a bunch of Ghuls while Wizard is having no issues. Soon Wizard uses his magic to change the singer into a different man, but later on we see that he doesn't get any stronger. The Ghuls start to beat him up again and this time his ladies are now not caring for him anymore. Wizard uses one final spell and that spell summons three warriors to fight off the Ghuls. These warriors are Hiroshi Tanahashi (wrestler), Daiki Kameda (boxer), and Keiji Suzuki (judoka). This was the best part of the music video as we see the three men take down the Ghuls in their own way. I also really like Hiroshi since he's a big Kamen Rider fan and has worn outfits based on riders before like Double's Fang Joker form and he wears an outfit based on Wizard in this video. My only problem for this video is what did the spell really do the singer? He just looks more flashy as he got more women, I guess it's a confidence boost? Anyways the video is a full blast of many colorful things that easily fits the mood of the song. One quick thing, is Blogger having issues because for some reason two polls got a complete reset. It really bugs me since one of them had like 15 votes.

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