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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Poll Results #35

Did You Like Episode 2 Of Wizard?
Yes- 22
No- 3
Did You Like Episode 3 Of Wizard?
Yes- 16
No- 1
Which Rumor Sounds More Likely
The two final forms- 13
Kamen Rider Witch- 15
The Shaman Rider- 1
Five more riders- 14
How Would You Rate Akibaranger?
Great- 17
Good- 4
Bad- 0
Horrible- 0
Do You Want A Second Season Of Akibaranger?
Yes- 23
No- 2
Did You Like Episode 4 Of Wizard?
Yes- 14
No- 2
Did You Like Episode 5 Of Wizard?
Yes- 8
No- 0
My Thoughts
Everyone knows how much I am loving Wizard right now. I will say this magic is not my favorite thing in television series. I am liking how Wizard treats magic though as we say in episode 4 and 5. The use of characters is great and along with both heroes and villains. If you haven't been watching it, get on track now! Also I loved Akibaranger, it was a very funny series that picked at some of the Sentai logic. It wasn't hurtful either as it still embraced everything great about the franchise. If you love Super Sentai you would easily be laughing when you watch this show. Finally with Kamen Rider Beast being revealed doesn't mean there can't be other riders for Wizard. High chance Witch or the Shaman could be movie riders.

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