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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger!

Well it's about time that the next Sentai has been revealed and with Go-busters being a complete failure with the core audience and toy sales, this Sentai will be more upbeat and fun. Personally I think Go-busters was good until the complete turn around the series had. Of course the darker story wouldn't work with the core audience, but I really like that and many other things the series did. Well I will save more thoughts on Go-busters when I do the review for the series. So Kyoryuger (probably the hardest name to spell) is a dinosaur motif like Zyuranger and Abaranger. With it being more upbeat and fun I think it's going to be like Zyuranger in ways. The show is also going to follow amazingly strong characters and will have tons of music. The music aspect will be done with the warriors weapons as different styles of music will be played like samba music. There will also be more western music in the future for the series. The items for this series will be batteries that can be charged up with "dino power" and will be used for battle. So it seems Sentai will go back to the power in the pocket motif unlike Go-busters which disappoints me since I loved seeing arm braces be used again.
The team will consist of five members and won't have a yellow member. The last time a Yellow warrior was excluded was in Changeman (1986). Now this I like, a big change that is very easy to see. This is the first time we got a team with Red, Blue, Black, Green, and Pink. The colors Black and Green are mostly never together with Go-onger and Liveman being the exception. Pink will be the only female member so the rumors of a female Black or Green are dead. There will be five mechs for this team with three of them combining into the giant mech. So would this mean that this team will start with three and the other two will join early in the series? The director for the series is Koichi Sakamoto who's most recent work is Fourze and he has worked with Power Rangers before so I can easily see how the series will be more lighter. The writer though is Riku Sanjou who wrote for my favorite series Kamen Rider Double and worked with two anime series, Digimon Xros Wars and Beet the Vandel Buster. The new series does interest me and some of that is only because I want Go-busters to be done. Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger will air around late January or early February.


  1. GAH! I just suggested on HJU forums that the next Kamen Rider gimmick item should be batteries! WRONG SERIES TOEI.

  2. It odd how things people think of become real. Just like KR Beast for me. I was even planning to have my KR Beast be the secondary rider for KR Magi a magic rider.