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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Episode 7 Review: You See Any Tears? (Spoiler Alert!)

For this episode of Megaforce, Creepox has had enough with the rangers. So now he is on his own and will try to defeat the rangers by himself. Also there are bully issues in the school so how will our heroes deal with three villains? Also this isn't the biggest spoiler, but Creepox is one of the main villains and I would have the same with the Goseiger episodes.
First thing with this episode it uses two different episodes of Goseiger. Most of the footage is from the aftermath episode for Warstar episode sixteen and the debut of Hyper Gosei Great which was episode twelve. So I do like the mixing around of footage as the series did do this already with the use of Vrax. There are some hiccups though with the mixing around since Creepox doesn't have any armor, but it then reappears when he is in giant form. Then Hyper Gosei Great is called the Ultra Gosei Great..... why? I know the names weren't dead on with the others, but Sea is still close to Seaick. I mean the stock footage still shows the name being Hyper so why call it Ultra? Then there is the very noticeable Datas as he is not a part of the series so yea.... With Creepox I can take that hiccup, but changing a name we can see and trying to ignore a mech is way too big to forget.
What was handled well was the transition of stock to original expect for a lighting error with Gia's and Jake's fight, but I will let that go. The action portion of the show really did get a boost with these nice transitions and I always like to see monster suits actually be used in the original footage. Actually seeing the monster attack the actors really helps us paint the image that it's actually there and not just stock footage. It also breaks that realm of stock footage where you can't imagine seeing the actual actors being the heroes. Megaforce is doing well with this as I can see the American actors actually being the heroes, well maybe that is because I try to get Goseiger out of my mind. Going on with this knowing of scene transitions seeing a clash between Troy and Creepox was great and I think Troy is doing better as an actor, well maybe it could have just been for this episode.
So for Troy this episode does make him look like a better actor not saying he is a terrible actor, but this episode gives him some more points to at least be somewhat more average. I do think it is because of how the episode felt since Troy dealt with two foes who want to be dominant. Troy kept his stance at a bully showing that he is not afraid of him and is not crying. The deadness he usually shows in past episodes works better here since that state of emotionless tells people that he doesn't care. He even does this with Creepox which is an idea I do like. A nice comparison to Creepox as he is the type who likes to see people cower before him. Going on with this the bully characters are a nice callback to Bulk and Skull, just actually being more serious and not goofy. The two end up being nice then because a kid who they picked on them actually saves them. A short little kid saves them as he stood up against Creepox! Kid you got gusts and I like that a whole lot. So there is a anti bully message in this episode, but it is handled very well since it shows people helping each other no matter what.
One final thing to talk about is that Vrax showed up again in his Earth Armor which is actually his Yamajuu form from Goseiger. I do like we have no explanation for his change in appearance and knowing that he uses his normal form in battle as well makes me think if he is planning on his own. I do know that episode eight will give us the debut of Robo Knight which means more Yamajuu footage will be used so how will the Warstar villains be used during this? I will guess that the Yamajuu for this series will be following the leader in Megaforce so it will make it seem like it's still one villain group and I hope we get to see original footage where the different groups meet up and talk about their plans. Overall this episode was very different from the Goseiger episode and seeing that the series is doing more differences does make me heavily anticipate on what will happen later on.
This episode really made me more happier than the last couple of episodes. It is easily a comeback from episode six which was pretty bad cause of lack of originality and bad use of the stock footage. With this we got good use of the suits, nice mixing around with the footage, and some thinking in the mix. I will give this episode a B since as I said there are some hiccups still, but nothing too big like episode three had.

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