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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 8 Review: A Punny Old Man

In this episode of Kyoryuger we got our favorite old man and his family as they get lost in an amusement park. This is caused by the Debos Monster of the week who does more than make people lost. Also Pteragordon is still in the foes' hands so will it strike soon?
The first thing I would like to talk about is my favorite Kyoryuger, Nobuhara! Recently I even started to like Amy so how is Nobuhara's second focus episode go for him. I think it went very well as he is still my favorite. I like a man who is a family man and he is that even if he is not a father. I still find it interesting that he is not the father, but the uncle of Rika. I will say some of his explanations were off with the first one saying that the only reason that he wasn't hypnotized was because he was a superhero. Kinda odd, but I can see why he didn't fall for it. I will get to that reasoning later, but back to Nobu. He still kept his very humorousness attitude with his puns and I am a fan of puns here and there. He is very good with them and he didn't show much of his strength in this episode, physically wise. What he did show was his strong emotional side as he reveals some of his past moments with his brother in law. It's even an explanation on why he does his puns all the time. Overall I was still happy with his character and this episode shows more of his emotional strengths.
Going on with his family it's an interesting bunch right here. First is Rika who is a kid who knows what reality is. She faced her father's death at a very young age and she already knew when she couldn't see his face at the hospital. I was surprised by this since her mother was being tricked by the maze I would think the child would be too. Luckily, she didn't and she actually helped out the team with the barrier. Kenichi, the deceased father sounds like an interesting guy. He faced with many issues with his business and he loved those bad puns. I will say this though the mother being tricked was good, but she still doesn't know about Nobu's identity! I don't see any reason why this had to be kept a secret since she is fine with the Sentai. Blue even made a bad pun and she still didn't get that it was her brother. It was for comedy, but it didn't work well as it's an old and big cliche and nothing different was done with it.
The monster of the week was very interesting. He had a very different design compared to the past monster and he fits with sorrow. I loved this theme he had with the maze like patterns on his body, but I think the skin color could have been different. Oh well design wise he was very interesting and I loved what he did with the maze. He made people see an old person from their past. With Rika and her mother they both saw Kenichi the husband and father. The monster was quite effective and he kept the rest of the team away. There was one thing that was very disappointing with him though. I will bring it up in the mech fight. Overall it was a unique creature and gave off a very 80's and 90's vibe with the idea of maze which made me think of Liveman.
The rest of the villains were mostly doing things to make sure that the maze stayed up. Luckily there were four left so two fought and the other two got the barrier. The most interesting thing is Dolgold and Pteragordon since both of them are already attacking the team. Dolgold is trying to tame the Zyudenryu and the short battle it had shows that Dolgold is having issues. Now I still know why he can control it and the next episode preview does a joke with this. All I hope this plot point with Dolgold will have good amount of time since I don't want a villain dying around ten episodes.
How will it charge up?
Another good thing I am seeing right now is that Torin is doing more and good things as well. He is worried about Pteragordon and he should be since it is already fighting the team. He knows only a warrior can activate this part of them. I bet he will do more in the future episodes as this is a good start for him being competent. The other heroes were mostly just doing good things then. Red and Pink did well in combat and that was it. Green and Black worked together with the barrier and with Rika's help they got it! So yea Nobuhara was the main focus, but in other episodes this wasn't a problem so why is it here?
Now for the action and the suit action was nicely done as I love Nobu's strength. I am still wondering if there is any story behind his super strength, but for now it's fun to watch him throw foes around. He also stuck with his name calling for basic attacks. He used his shield again and I will say it again seeing him destroy things is too fun. The other team just did their usual things in the group fights. So yea Nobu again steals the spotlight. A new attack was used and I am confused by it. It's a tickle attack and Nobu then said a joke as the monster died laughing. Does it just build up over time or did Nobu's joke actually kill the monster?
Now the mecha action was a huge flop! There was so much potential for it to be an actual long fight for once, but it went by with barely anything. I mean Ptreagordon and the monster were fighting the team and I did like how the heroes used the monster to try to hit the Zyudenryu. It could have bee longer though as the team went straight for the finisher right after they got hit a couple of times. There was no sense of transition at all for this fight. It could have great since we had a new mech and the monster fighting the main mech. The mech fights need more length as this is by far the weakest mech fight so far.
The episode is still a fun watch as Nobuhara is my favorite character in the series so far and the emotional side of him was very enjoyable. The others were just there even with Torin wondering what could be happening. We even had a look at Gold already in this episode. The run time was bad though as somethings could have been shorter and parts should have been longer. I would give it a B- since Nobuhara is too much fun!
Next Time: Torin steps in the ring!

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