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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 33 Review: Another Jackpot!

From the last episode of Wizard it seemed like everything has been solved as the team can close this case. Sadly though Bogey's death is all part of Sora's plan as the Phantom has an interesting skill.
The first thing I will like to mention is how I loved Sora's plan. No matter how far the Gates would have gotten they would just come back because of Bogey. When Bogey dies he can haunt people around him and give them good and bad luck. He can give these men the best of luck by giving them more and more money. Then he can completely twist it around and make the Gates fall into despair, but sometimes he did put them in near death situations, but I guess that can make someone go into despair much faster. It's also like if Sora predicted that Medusa would try to ruin his plan because thanks to her the heroes found out about the Phantom. So yes Medusa tried to ruin Sora's plan in the last episode, at first I thought she was just playing around to get Bogey killed, but she had no idea what Sora had in store. I love seeing Medusa trying to be like Phoenix when he tried to ruin Beelzebub's plan as she is now betraying Wiseman.
Going on with the Phantoms as I mentioned before Bogey was a creepy guy, but this time he was hilarious and sadistic. He was toying around with the six gates with good and bad luck and boy did he. He did only see two of the six gates being affected by this, but if the other four went through the same things, I feel bad for them. The first gate was the student boy who got money from a contest and a rich old lady and then all of that is stolen just like that. He was almost killed as well, but Haruto saved him. I have a feeling that Bogey knew when to do the death risking situations since he knew people were around. I would have to question the car crash with Tsucchi though since it exploded! You can't count every variable though I guess. He kept his slow pace of fighting, but now he had the ability of switching luck. I will go more into that with the action portion of the show though. Overall Bogey left at a very good impression as he proved to be a much harder villain than I thought.
With comedy it is still around like the last episode was, but I would say it's slightly better. I loved seeing all the good and bad luck scenes as they were shocking and I could never guess when they would come at times. Like the student boy was just going to enter the store and he just finds the watch right by the entrance. The watch belonged to a old rich lady who then gave him five million yen! The heroes were shocked to see this and who doesn't want luck like that. Going on there was a nice scene when Wajime was still holding onto the flyer from the last episode as he still wanted all that money. The best though were in the fights, but again I am saving that for later. Overall the second part is well done as it still keeps the comedic mood and there are many things that translate as well.
The other big thing with the episode as Tsucchi again as he also came back because of all the good luck he was getting. We even see how simple it started like a free gas coupon that only worked in Tokyo that got him back in Tokyo. Then he starts to win lotteries and gets over a billion yen. Greed starts to consume him once more as he goes on a shopping spree as his obsession with guitars didn't die off either. He bought all the guitars from a whole store! So the idea of greed is carried along into the second part and it really felt like an OOO episode somewhat because of that. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but the motif of greed is really well done as OOO did great with that as well.
The second thing that translated well into the second part was the friendship between Tsucchi and Kousuke as it goes through another rough patch. In the last episode, Tsucchi wasn't a complete scumbag, but the money did make him go blind. This time he changes completely and acts irrationally even though he finds out about the Phantom. Kousuke tries to protect him and he never gives up either. I won't bring up a certain point, but I really loved Kousuke's determination. He looked at the guitar pick, Tsucchi gave him as it the sign of hope he needed to keep moving on. I will say this again though it's very similar to the Kiva arc when Kengo and Wataru had issues with their friendship, but it's still done better here. We already know that Tsucchi is easily caught by greed and again Kousuke was being forceful at times about the situation. In the end though the two fix their friendship and thanks to that Kousuke learned some new skills with Beast. Also Tsucchi finally learned to not let greed consume him.
Going on with the heroes I loved how they treated the issue at hand. With Haruto he was telling the student that he needed to leave because of the danger. Kousuke tried to do the same, but both of them didn't know what was happening. With Kousuke he was being happy for Tsucchi as he was winning more and more money. I loved seeing the pure happiness both him and Tsucchi had as it really felt natural. Haruto really got clever in this episode as well. When he found out about Sora's plan he uses the Drago Timer to split up as there were five Bogeys left. He let Kousuke deal with Tsucchi of course as the four dragons dealt with a Bogey alone. I will say it was a bad part on Sora to tell Haruto the plan, but I think he would have picked up anyways. Also as I said before, Kousuke's determination was great as he really helped his friend in a great pinch even after he sent three thugs to beat him up.
Now onto the action and the first part I have to mention was the humor. I mean wow a lot happened. In the first fight Wizard slipped on a banana peel, tripped on a wheeled cart and soon got stuck in it and was driven into a trashcan where he got stuck. There are many more moments like this as each Dragon form had some issue with Bogey. Beast had it rather easy with his fight, but he did get a bad luck moment when he got a one on his saber. Here's the twist though, Beast put more power into the attack making the Falcon summon much larger. So now the low numbers from the dice saber are actually not ineffective anymore cause he can boost them up. Going on with that idea of  powers, there was great use of rings.
The best part about the split up was that each fight had something different except for the problem though. In the first fight, Wizard binded Bogey up and finished him off with the Slash Strike. Flame Dragon uses the Big Ring to get a hold onto Bogey, Land Dragon used Extend, Water and Hurrican Dragon didn't have a ring use, but the problems were great. With Water he kept stepping on dog feces, Hurricane got stuck into a sign, Land got stuck because he extended too far around some pillars, and all four had the same issue then. They all couldn't reach their Kick Strike Ring. In the end all four just take the whole chain off and scan it to finish him off. So we got four rider kicks in one scene.... sweet! With Beast as I said before he had it quite easy as he soon finished Bogey off with the Hyper finisher. Still the amount of humor brought into the action was just great and the pay off was amazing.
Overall it's a very good episode that works very well as the second part. It carries the same elements from the last episode, but adds some new ones into it and freshening up the old ones. The amount of ring usage was well done. The humor was very good as well thanks to the good and bad luck scenes. Sora and Bogey were perfect as Sora planned things well and Bogey was being a troll just like Sora was. The best part of the episode was Kousuke and Tsucchi as the two really went through a hard moment for their friendship. Finally the episode had a really strong heart as I said before it carries the motives very well in a lighthearted way. I give this episode an A+ it's a really perfect comedy episode for the series.
Next Time: I'm glad Moegi (Akiba Yellow) isn't a rider fan.

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