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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 48 Review: Magic and Science (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

Last time on Kamen Rider Wizard, the reveal of Wiseman has been revealed to be the man who has been gathering up Mages, Fukei, the White Mage. What exactly is his purpose for being a Phantom and a Mage?
A lot was revealed in this episode as we got to learn a lot more about Fukei and his true intentions, but first I want to take a look at how the characters are acting towards the recent events. With Yamamoto being kidnapped now, the gang try to look for Fukei, but after five days there are still no clues. The first person to focus on is Haruto as he is really at a breaking point. Haruto has been trusting Fukei a lot more recently ever since he saved Koyomi. He even gave up his Infinity Ring and has put himself on a huge handicap. Haruto is also going through what Kousuke has been having recently which is questioning if he really is being helpful. Haruto has saved many people before, but as of recently he is causing more issues in the end. Along with that he constantly worries about Koyomi as each day passes. With all of this he wants to meet Fukei and finally confront him on what he is doing, considering he is was the Phantom to start it all.
Next is Mayu who is having trouble of transforming because she is having second thoughts on being a Mage now. I don't blame her, her purpose of being a Mage has been taken away. All of that hard work and effort she put into being a Mage as been for nothing since Wiseman killed Medusa. I can easily tell that Mayu is no longer a supporter of the White Wizard since the man who gave her reason to fight on is now the man who got rid of her purpose. As I said before she is even having second thoughts on even fighting as a Mage meaning she only wanted to fight Medusa. Again with Medusa gone she really has no purpose to fight anymore and since Fukei wants to use her more, it makes it look like she was tricked into becoming a Mage this whole time. So what now of Mayu since Yuzuru appears and kidnaps her as he is a new Kamen Rider Mage.
Yuzuru has come back, but he is not himself anymore. The same for Yamamoto as he has become the third Kamen Rider Mage. I do like how both of these two get a different variation of Mage as Yuzuru has a blue gem helmet while Yamamoto gets green. Now I will say Yamamoto has a Mage was a bit fast since he was just the Gate character in the last episodes. With Yuzuru though this does work as a nice shocking reveal since this is the boy who didn't want to be a Mage and here he is fighting Beast. Also I still like the Mage outfit keeping the skirt really working well the uni-sex idea of the suit. Now I do expect that Fukei has some sense of mind control that he developed as he uses this on people he cannot trick to become Mages. Also I do like how he found a way to have his style of magic be used in the three Mages. Since it is revealed that Fukei has used both magic and science to proceed with his goals he found the perfect uniform idea of magic. Also how Yuzuru fought was quite impressive as the best part was him using the Giant Ring to enlarge his claw.
So how did Kousuke react to this, well at first he was excited. The boy who was kidnapped is now away from the kidnapper, but I don't know how he didn't see the belt. Then there was Yuzuru's face, he looked tired and worn out hence he is being forced to work. Then when Kousuke sees Yuzuru become a Mage, a part of Kousuke really sunk down, but he still puts up the front to fight Yuzuru. Now he doesn't get a major blow on him since Kousuke is limiting himself to attack a child, but Yuzuru doesn't hold back. I wonder if this will happen again and next time Kousuke will put more into the fight. Now I'm not saying he should be beating up a child, but there are reasons and he can do this without hurting him. His Chamelo Ring can easily do this well. Maybe Kousuke will go for the source of all this trouble, Fukei so another fight with Beast and White Mage will probably happen.
For Koyomi she was still in the magical dimension that Fukei left her in from the previous episode, but since her magic energy is depleting faster in that area, Fukei takes her out into a home. Koyomi discovers that this home was her when she was human as she reads a diary. This had Fukei's writing as the last page describes the day that Koyomi died from a disease. So this easily explains on who Koyomi is now, she is a shell of a former human being since the real person died in a previous time. Koyomi's memories have also been lost since the real person is long gone. Now we don't learn what exactly she is yet, but it does come later this episode. Koyomi also finds out she is Fukei's daughter, but all of this news doesn't make her happy since now she is questioning on who she is even more. If Koyomi is dead, then who is she?
We also learn about Fukei's past through what Kizaki has discovered since he has woken up from his coma. Kizaki realizes that he was targeted because he found out who Fukei was as he tells Haruto and Rinko who he was. Fukei was a physicist, but also an expert of medicine and science. His wife died long ago and he does have a daughter. Then this is where we learn from Koyomi's point of view of the real Koyomi dying before Fukei's eyes and him crying about the death of his daughter. Now some may expect that this is where Fukei has become Wiseman and started to use magic and thought of the plan to save Koyomi, but that wouldn't make sense. Phantoms are usually the darker side of a person so why would an evil side of him want to save Koyomi? Luckily the episode already uncovers that mystery as Haruto finds Fukei thanks to Kizaki giving him the address of his house.
When Haruto meets him his first thought is that Wiseman is the Phantom version of Fukei, but that isn't the truth. Wiseman is actually called Carbuncle which is a mythical creature that has a jewel in his head. This is an accurate to who the Phantom is as Wiseman has taken jewels out of his body. What is surprising though is that, Fukei made this Phantom so that he could use magic which is why he can also be a Mage. This then explains on why he couldn't help Koyomi with giving her magic energy since she needed pure magic from a true Mage and Fukei is not really the real thing. I love how Fukei went this far for his solutions and it's quite ironic that this man didn't lose his humanity since the Phantom he made didn't take over him. What's ironic is that Fukei has become a sort of a darker version of himself and yet he is still human. Later, we then discover what Koyomi really is. She is holding the Philosopher's Stone in her body and that magic works as preserving her body and again Fukei isn't a real Mage so he does have limited amount of magic. So he could have helped Koyomi, but he needs magic to perform another Sabbath. So Fukei has been putting people's lives at risk just so he can save Koyomi and this man concurred not only his own despair, but the boundaries of magic and science.
Overall I am very happy on how the story has gotten to this point. Even though Fukei being Wiseman was predictable I do love how they used his character. He was a man who lost his way of trying to save his daughter as he found a way to use science to create magic inside his own body. He's an amazing man, but it's too bad he became evil like a Phantom is. Then how the characters were reacting to the events was realistic and the idea of more Mages appearing is nice. Now I will say this could have been revealed earlier in the series if it wasn't for the filler, but that is against the series, not the actual episode. The reason why I am not covering the action since there wasn't barely any, but this episode was more dramatic so I can let it slide. So I give this episode an A-
Next Time: Will Haruto put a stop to Fukei's plans?

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