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Monday, September 23, 2013

Off Topic: My Favorite Video Games Part 10 My Top 25 Favorite No More Heroes Bosses!

When I got done with my No More Heroes 2 post I just had to do this right after it. I went through so many papers for making this list as I really had to think which of the awesome bosses are my favorites. Some were easy to place, while others it took a very long time. Now there will be some SPOILERS to the overall series so beware! I will grade these bosses based on their design, character, and fight. "It's game time!"
25. Jasper Batt Jr.
I talked a good amount of this guy and how he really ruins the ending of No More Heroes 2. As I said before somethings work very well with this boss. His design is goofy and getting revenge on a kid who rides a hovercar, turns into a macho man, and then a parade float just feels wrong. I do like his character too because he's so determined to get the perfect revenge on Travis. He even tried to shun Travis out of the city when he became a more powerful icon and this kid alone changed Santa Destroy. The design and character works very well, but it doesn't mean the fight had to the most difficult thing ever. The first phase is just boring as you wait for him to come riding by. Then part two is throw "yourself out of a window" hard. It really only comes to the final part of phase two because he delivers teleporting and hurricane punches at you which are impossible to block and near impossible to dodge. Then phase three was just stupid and hearing that it was going to be a mech fight at the end, probably would have it made it better. When he's a giant it's very hard to tell where he can hit you and there is no way of blocking any of his attacks so have fun dodging all the time. Then his death wasn't that satisfying with him just exploding, no blood at all. So yea Jasper Batt is a pain in the ass, but he isn't the worst thing I ever faced in a game an F+
24. Million Gunman
This boss is just bland in many ways. First his design is pretty much an older looking Dr.Peace as he even has a golden gun like Peace did. I do like the clothes he wears though as it's nice and fancy, but that's about it. When Shinobu comes she rushes into the fight, so we get nothing from this man in terms of being a character. Then the fight is another pain since Shinobu's platforming can be difficult to pull off. Also with her taunting after her combos, this guy can spray her down with bullets. I do like the idea of him shooting bullets off of his gold. At least his theme is catchy as it makes me think of Cowboy Bepop for some reason. Overall, he's just a bland character with nothing special, a D-
23. Speed Buster
She is the oldest assassin in the series and this granny is packing heat. She is actually a witch from Speed City and that alone made her interesting. Her introduction was also well done as she kills Thunder Ryu, Travis' mentor. Then how she pretended to not hear Travis while she sets up her giant cannon! Now the presentation for her was awesome and her theme really makes her sound like the most epic grandma ever. Sadly the fight is more of an extension of the stage as you have to avoid the giant laser blasts by going into destroyed homes. Still at the end I like how accepting she was to have Travis kill her and how she talked about Thunder Ryu made it sound like there was some sort of rivalry between the two. She says someday Travis could be as great as him so she must know the man in some manor. This boss has great presentation, but the execution really make the fight boring though, a D+
22. New Destroyman
Oh my god, two Destroymen! I will easily talk about this guy later, but two of him is amazing. In the first game he got split in half so the two halves get robotic parts and each side gets a part of his personality. One is humble and acts like a noble warrior, but the other one is a pure scumbag who will swear any moment he got. Also this is the only boss fight where you face two at the same time, but it's with Shinobu.... Now this time there are ways to get away from the Destroyman in the sky and you can give hell to the one on land. Sadly, they can revive each other so be on guard when he's trying to revive his other half. So yea this being a Shinobu fight did make it a little underwhelming, but there is nothing wrong with two Destroymen, a C-
21. Matt Helms
This guy still gives me the creeps. That mask is just so odd to look at compare to the rest of his body. Now Matty boy does have an interesting back story. He's actually a child who was killed by his own parents, but before he did he made a contract with hell and became an immortal being. Matt Helms is more of a body he can create as he can still live on. I still have to wonder how he became an assassin though? The area you fight in an old home with a lot of rubble around and I love how you can destroy it to clear pathways. Matt's weapon is also a cool one as it's a giant axe with a flamethrower! Now sadly, his fight is very slow and that's because he's a heavy character. Still it's very easy to hack and slash at him and get prepared for dodges and clashes. He's probably the second easiest boss from the second game IMO. Again a lot of good presentation work and he has a good back story, but a easy foe he is a C-
20. Shinobu
Now here is the girl you got to play as. She was the third boss you face in the first game and I do like how much of a game changer she is. The two previous bosses before her, you can perform shadow step to really give them a beating, but she is the first boss to be able to dodge that ability. You really have to take your time with her and it can really get you if you are playing this game for the first time. Now unlike Matt Helm's area, the place is just small and you can run into random pillars, which can cause you a lot of health. I remember so many times when her big attacks hit me, only because I didn't see a pillar in front of me. Then I'm not a big fan of her character, she acts like a samurai from a movie and that was the point, but she did get annoying at points. I don't even like her compared to the many other characters so playing as her wasn't that big of a deal for me. It's easily the first hard fight in the series, but it can be for the wrong reasons though a C
19. Death Metal
Death Metal is a good first boss for good reasons. First he easily shows the player how some of the bosses will be following a certain theme as Death Metal has a well Metal theme to him. He even looks like Axel Rose. He is a rich man who lives in luxury and Travis himself is jealous of the man. The fight even has Travis thinking to himself about how great Death Metal's life is. Also Death Metal brings up the idea of paradise which comes up again and again in the game. His fight is okay as he really just twirl his sword around, but when he summoned two clones of himself that surprised me. It's a pretty easy fight though, but Death Metal does show off some great themes that the first game had and the tattoos he has are amazing! A C+
18. Charlie Macdonald
This is the man who summons a giant mech, yup a football player. I love how random the giant mech fight was since I was expecting him to have his cheerleaders fight Travis first and then we got to fight Charlie. Still this was really funny to see how Travis expected a giant robot to appear as he had his own prepared. Also I love his voice, it's so over the top and the voice actor really did that on purpose. He gives a very enjoyable time with this character making him sound tough and goofy at the same time. The mech fight is pretty cool, but again a little too slow for my tastes. Still being able to perform special attacks and blasting Charlie with the Buster Cannon in freaking space was great. The theme of the song is a mix of Sci-fi with a sports tune along with it, it's possibly the most random song I can think of. So even though this wasn't a football fight, the giant robot was an awesome idea and I wish there was at least one more giant mech fight, a C+
17. Cloe Walsh
This is a boss with a lot of great presentation. I love her bondage design as it really shows what type of character she is even before she talks. Also the whole fishnet thing is a personal thing I always like. Even the idea of her having poison attacks is amazing as she can even give Travis the kiss of death, literally. For some reason she gives a huge Metal Gear feel to her though as she really makes me think of the new female character from Metal Gear Solid 5. Sadly her fight is the easiest in the second game. She has very weak hit points and only one of her attacks are really hard to dodge as the other ones are very easy. Still I love her design and character a lot as she is somewhat of a seducer still and she easily plays with the bondage as she almost got Travis even before the fight. Finally her death was funny since it goes down her body as Travis slices her up and you see her butt jiggle at the end, it's so unnecessary and I love it. This boss has a lot I love, but too bad the fight was an easy one, a C+
16. Dr. Letz Shake
As I said before, Letz Shake was a man who couldn't fight in the first game so being able to fight him in the sequel is awesome! Now this time he doesn't have Letz Shake with him as it's the brain in the machine this time. This is Dr. Letz Shake and he has gained a thirst for revenge on Henry the man who killed him the first time and Travis just because he's Travis. The fight is pretty awesome as avoiding earthquakes is really heart pounding, when you risk it and hear the counter going down it really freaks you out. I love how the timer changes in pace so it can trick you in feeling safe when you actually under estimated how fast you can go. This is a much better boss that comes back as he takes a different look than last time and fights for himself. The best thing about him is how he talks, he talks like a robot no doubt as he even says "question mark" at the end of his questions. It always gives me a nice chuckle. This is the first B- here as he is a very heart pounding boss as his theme song is called Losing Bowel Control that really tells you what you are in for.
15. Harvey Moiseiwitsch Volodarskii
Wow what a name! The first thing that is great is his name as before you enter the level an announcer will name off the boss. I imagine this must have been a pain for the announcer to get one hundred percent perfect. Harvey is also one of the most creative bosses around, but again him being an easy fight does bog it down a little. His moves are very easy to dodge even when he puts the camera upside down and reversing your controls. He even has a one hit kill move, but it's the easiest thing to avoid as it's pretty much a quick time event. If you clash with him and lose he can change Travis' beam katana into a pretty staff as you cannot hurt him during this. He even sends birds flying at you, teleports around the stage, and can spin around. If you can't tell magic is the big theme here and that is very well presented here. I also love his scene where he is giving a performance for Travis and Sylvia, but everyone is pretending like it's a whole crowd of people. I even love his death, as Travis slices his eyes making him blind and sawing him in half with his own giant buzz-saw. Harvey is no doubt the most creative boss in the game as he does hold very interesting ideas and magicians are always awesome to battle, still he is very easy a B-
14. Mimmy
The first thing here is that you fight this Moe anime girl as Henry! You get to use the Cross Blade, Henry's dash, and projectile attacks! Henry is so awesome to play as so being able to play as him was a huge plus. Now with Mimmy she is some strange force that keeps Henry in this dream state. For some reason she has the number 42 on her which is known of the number to the answer of life itself, so is Mimmy God?! I guess that is pretty insane, but this is No More Heroes insane means possible! So yea her presentation is odd, but that makes her very memorable. Her design is pretty awesome as she has two giant armored hands that she uses the clap you to death and can fire missiles from the fingers. She can even fire lasers from her eyes! So yea Mimmy is possibly the strangest boss which is saying something and playing as Henry never gets old, a B.
13. Ryuji
Oh man this guy sure is awesome. Now this boss would be a lot higher on the list if it wasn't for his terrible bike fight in the beginning. It's near impossible to defeat on Bitter mode so you just have to get lucky. Enough of that though the on land fight is amazing! First his weapon is like Dark Star which was another boss you couldn't fight in the first game. So he can summon a freaking laser dragon from his sword! That alone makes him awesome! Now we don't get to know about him at all as he never actually talks. That gives off the stern samurai feel for him. His other attacks are pretty good too as he can dash at you at high speeds, stab you like ten times in a matter of seconds, and hack his sword around very well. He is a really good challenge, but the only thing that puts him out of the top ten is the bike fight so a B.
12. Nathan Copeland
This is another pretty odd boss for the series as he is a rapper who is rich, acts like a pimp, and speaks in a Shakespearean tongue. Heck the only reason he became the person he is, is so that he could fight Travis. Going on with that he wanted Travis to kill him as he wanted a marvelous battle to go out in a blaze of glory. Now his weapon of choice is a boombox that can fire missiles and can go over his arms to create metal hands for him. There he can do a short combo and even produce a soundwave from them. The best part is that he will give you hell with his area. He can make the floors move, gun you down with turrets in lion head pillars, make vases explode, and bring a chandler crashing on top of you. Finally his theme is a Japanese rap, which is something I don't hear often. So he is very creative in both his character and fight so that easily makes him a fun boss, a B+
11. Kimmy Howell
This cute dual wielding school girl is a really messed up person. She first gets a huge appreciation for Travis even calling him "Travis the Great." She soon starts to find an addiction with fighting and killing when she starts to become an assassin. She soon finds out that she needs to top her hero and that is by killing him in battle. This is all revealed in a letter she gives to Travis as he reads it while she plays her recorder. She even acts all shy in the beginning and then her tone changes greatly when she starts to fight. How she fights is really good as she is really hard to block and dodge. When you get stuck in her combo you are stuck until she is done. She even sends bubbles at you! Her taunt is "I love you." It's just so creepy to fight someone like her, but also way too funny at the same time. She actually doesn't get killed by Travis as he spares her so she could come back in the third game? I hope so because she was a lot of fun, a B+
10. Dr Peace
Dr. Peace is my favorite character from the first game which alone gets him in the top ten. He is a corrupted cop who has marriage issues and has a golden voice. I love the song he sings in his introduction, the whole song actually tells us the back story of a character that was kept a mystery in the game. I also love how he talks about his life to Travis. It's a really funny scene because he tells Travis of how he got a little taste of luxury thanks to the UAA while it was Travis' money that got him these pleasures. He also has some of the best lines in the whole series with my favorite being" Don't die too quickly, I want to gorge myself on this sense of fulfillment until I vomit." Now he actually fight is okay. I do love how we fight on a baseball diamond and it does feel like how a man with a sword would fight a man with two golden guns. I really love the showdown you have with the man at the end, it just fits his western theme so much. He's an amazing character as his fight still leaves me satisfied an A-
Holy crap is this guy insane. In his real life he is a postman who hides a dark secret. He is actually quite a humble man at times, but he suffers from split personalities so he has this side of him that is pure evil. The beginning scene shows this off well as he tries to get sucker punches on Travis. He soon gets him with his Destroy Spark, stunning Travis. Then we see more of his powers like Destroy Pow, Destroy Beam, and Destroy Buster which summons a laser from his crotch. He is so crazy that it's amazing! The fight takes place in a movie shoot where there are burnt corpses everywhere! The fight is pretty awesome as he uses his many moves and he can even fly as you knock him down by having the environment fall on him. His death is awesome as he tries to get Travis with his nipple turrets, but Travis stands exactly in the middle of him and slices him in half. Everything about him is just so insane and that makes him so loveable, too bad Travis couldn't face him in the sequel, an A
8. Captain Vladimir
You have to fight a deranged Soviet Union astronaut who uses a satellite to fire lasers from above! He comes in already preparing his laser as Travis is shocked to be fighting him. You fight him in an open meadow which really made me think an alien was about to pop up at any moment. His theme is also very sci-fi which easily helps his theme. His attacks are mostly variations of laser attacks, but he does hurl boulders at you and with his shield getting a full combo can be harder than it seems. Now I love when you break the shield since Vladimir goes crazy and sends in a one hit kill and a giant laser from his visor! When you kill him, the man gets to realize that he was on Earth the whole time making him have a happy death. "Glory to the Soviet Union." This boss was a big surprise since I wasn't expecting a spaceman to become an assassin, again he is another man I have to wonder on how he became one in the first place. Still he's very creative with great presentation work as he is a lot of fun to fight an A
7. Bad Girl
Bad Girl is a very interesting foe for the second rank as her main weapon is only a bat. Compared to the other assassins in the game she is rather normal. Now she is a messed up girl as she loves to punish men as her introduction scene shows her beating men dressed as gimps with her bat. She even sees the whole assassin fights as a job, but I can tell she got rather messed up by climbing the ranks. She dresses up as a Gothic Lolita and it's odd for a girl like her to be wearing it. Her theme fits very well as it really makes me think of a punk girl. Bad Girl is then a very hard fight which is the best part about her. She only wields a bat, yet there is a lot done with her. Other than swinging her bat around she can send gimps flying at you, make quick tremors, set her bat on fire, and even perform a one hit kill. She may seem very simplistic, but there is a lot of great work to make her very unique as holds a lot of surprises. The first A+
6. Skelter Helter
This is the brother of the past number eleven from the first game and was only seen in the trailer. So this is pretty much the fight with Helter Skelter that fans wanted. Again I love how the first boss is a very big reminder of the first trailer. It's funny that Travis doesn't even remember number eleven which is funny to people who will find him out if they started with the sequel. He is pretty much a very cool Cloud though as he holds a laser version of the Buster Sword and carries an insane gun. What makes him a very good first boss is that he teaches the player what kind of moves will be coming at them. He has great lunges, combos, and projectile moves all have a different way of block and dodging. Then his death is the most memorable of the series as he get's his head cut off, but it lands back on his body perfectly. This gives the man the last moments of his life as he starts talking in poetics about getting revenge on Travis. The man then tears his own head off! The face he had when he does it is burned into my memory for sure. So he's a very good first boss as he leaves a lot of great impressions. Okay all the rest of the bosses are A+'s so keep that in mind.
5. Henry Cooldown
This is the real final boss of the first game. He first appears when he kills Letz Shake and then he appears once more to fight Travis to finish their duel. How Henry fights is amazing, he gives off a distant look when he walks, but when he attacks he gives it his all! He is fast with his combos and getting shadow step on him is the best feeling ever! Clashing with him is a big risk as he can perform a one hit kill if you lose. He has very good dash moves that can always get me off guard at some point in the fight. Then he jumps around like Shinobu does, but much much better. Also you fight in the parking lot of the motel Travis lives at. The fight doesn't even have an actual end since the two both of their beam katanas at their throats when they lunge at each other in the air. Going on Henry gives a lot of last minute twists which really makes the last minutes a really funny experience and with his battle it always makes me feel awesome for defeating him. The end game credit song is amazing the same for Henry's theme which gets a remix when you play as him in the sequel. Battling him is always a true conquest!
 4. Jeane
Jeane is the woman who took everything from Travis' life as she killed both of his parents in front of him and destroyed his home. This is actually the reason why Travis gets stuck in the assassin fights as he tells Sylvia the whole story when he was drunk. She made all of these fights so that Travis could get payback on her. I love when she is revealed as Travis starts to remember the truth when Dark Star is telling him to remember. She then appears and kills the number one ranked assassin with one blow from her fists! Jeane's character is a really great one as she has a tormented past, but since she fixed her own life she acts more cheerful now, but she has a really dark sense of humor. The funny thing about her back story is that it is skipped because it is too graphic for the game. This is a huge fourth wall breaker as Travis hits the fast forward button so she can tell him. What's great is that when this part is slowed down, it will play at a normal pace so you can hear it. The fight then is amazing! She is fast a quick as shadow step does nothing on her at all, clashes only knock her out, and doing grapples will actually backfire on you. She has great combos and amazing dash attacks. What's better is that she uses Dark Star's weapon to summon the laser dragon to surround both her and Travis as she makes it get smaller and smaller. Personally I would have rather have Jeane be the playable character over Shinobu, but the story needed her to die since "Vengeance begets vengeance."
3. Alice Twilight
This is rank two right before Jasper Batt Jr in the second game as she is simply one of the best bosses. Alice is a very strong woman who does question why she has to fight. She is like the others though and wants to fight Travis because of his glory. He was a man who escaped the fighting before and others want to know his secret. She really sends a message to Travis when they fight as she was a true warrior. When Travis kills her, he snaps and starts boasting that he will stop fighting and will shut down the UAA when he is done with Batt. Now I love this part of the game because when he started to fight certain bosses it really made Travis question his reason for fighting. Well he knows it's for vengeance, but he still knows when he has fought a real fight. Alice wields six beam katanas and uses them in a spider formation as she can send them flying at Travis or slam on the ground with them. She will then fight on the ground, but her sixth and heaviest sword will come flying at you. The whole fight takes place during a sunset and it's such a touching battle with that nice touch. It really symbolizes a great battle and like Travis I will not forget the woman named Alice.
2. Holly Summers
My favorite boss from the first game is Holly Summers for many reasons. First is her design, she has a prosthetic leg that actually sends out the many explosives in her arsenal. She even sets up traps by having holes planted in the area, she will even re-dig the ones Travis fell into before. She can even blow sand at Travis, stunning him. She even uses an explosive to make herself do a back flip! Her best attack is the missile barrage she sends out as they will go around you and slashing her while they blow up is very satisfying. Then her character is very similar to Alice as she teaches Travis a great lesson. Back then Travis couldn't kill a woman when Holly sees this she tells him the real way of the assassin. She admits defeat from him and takes her own life by putting a grenade in her mouth and setting it off. She asks of him to not forget her name as Travis asks Sylvia her name and only that. He then buries her in the sand of where they fought. Holly was the first person to really affect Travis in an emotional way and her death still makes me the saddest since she was a very calm fighter who easily knew what she was talking about. There is one more though as we finally reached to number one baby!
 1. Margaret Moonlight
This is absolute favorite boss from this franchise as she has the perfect stage, setting, fight, and theme. First her stage is a whole mall as the first part has you slashing through hundreds of foes and then you start to go inside the mall and climb to the top. It is then night time and the female reaper waits on the roof for her foe. The moon lite roof top is just perfect to fight her as she sits on top of a billboard with a giant sniper rifle! Oh her weapon is amazing, it's the best, it even tops the beam katana! It's a sniper rifle that can transform into two separate guns, then two scythes, and then one big scythe! She will also dodge the shadow step and burst mode Travis has so you cannot be super flashy with her. Her design is a Gothic Lolita like Bad Girl, but how she wears is a whole lot different. It's purely black with white frills that easily give the sense of a female reaper. The fight with her is the best you dodge her sniper fire, she will lunge at you from the top when you get close to her and then she will vanish. She then begins to fire at you with her guns and when you get closer to her she will face you head to head. Then the best part about her is her song. Philistine is my favorite song, not just video game music just my favorite song of all time. It's an amazing theme with some of the best lyrics I have heard. The lyrics give off why she is an assassin which is to kill sinners and the song even mocks Travis. It is said she sings while fighting so I feel that she is the first boss to get Travis thinking of why he is fighting in the second game. Everything about her is just perfect and this is why she is my favorite boss of No More Heroes and all of gaming itself.
That is my list as I hope you enjoy these bosses as much as I do. They are a lot of fun and that is the best part of No More Heroes. I got so much burning passion for when the third game comes out. Feel free to leave your comments on the bosses you enjoyed the most.


  1. Heh, now I remember. Thanks.

    I should make a point to listen to Jeane at normal speed one of these days.

    1. No problem! I really love No More Heroes and even though I do like the second game more it is only because of Jasper Batt. The second game still has a great amount of bosses as it has my overall favorite of all gaming. Margaret's song, Philistine is forever stuck in my head, I love singing this song! When the third game comes out, I will be excited forever about it. I have such a bad addiction with the franchise I remembered so many lines. This game has so many great qualities that most games don't anymore. A huge and varied voice cast, unique story telling, and a unique way to play. When game like these come out they never get the praise they need from the American critics like how Killer is Dead got bastardized with poor reasons. I do fear that the American market will soon not even support these Japanese games as all they care about are games that act like an AMC show and their stories are not even that good, I'm looking at you Last of Us!

    2. Big Typo! "I don't like the second game more"