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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 50 Review: Please VS Now! (Major Spoiler Alert!!!)

Two more episodes of Wizard are left, again I do know about the Decade special, but I will leave that for a while so I can focus on other series, mostly Kyoryuger. So with Wizard as of right now, the Sabbath has been cancelled as Kousuke sacrificed his powers to stop it. Now Haruto is the only Mage who can even stand up to Fukei or is he ready to face his creator and savior?
With the Sabbath being cancelled the first important thing is that Yuzuru and Yamamoto are now back to normal and are alive. Sadly there is one of them that are not too happy about everything. This was Yamamoto who is absolutely angry. He was forced to be a Mage just because of one person died and the whole city was about to be killed for this one person. He actually blames Koyomi for this since everything is being done for her. Now I will say he is just angry and yelling to get steam out and Koyomi is the focus point here so I don't blame him for what he said. He could have said things better since Fukei is the real person to blame here. Still for being a man who was going to be a father and being forced away from his wife and he would lost his wife because of the Sabbath, I don't blame him for being angry. He is against all of this and then he says he will not be using magic since the reason why everyone is a Mage is because Fukei wanted to Koyomi.
This also continues with Yuzuru. At first he was not up to be a Mage since he was afraid of fighting. Now that he is one now though he has come to accept his fate of being one. Also with Kousuke unable to be a Mage makes him want to be one even more. Kousuke does tell him he doesn't have to fight and tells him to think about what is important for him. I really like what Kousuke says here because he does tell Yuzuru that he could fight, but he doesn't really need to. Yuzuru is still a young child and for him being a hero would be very hard. Yuzuru still has a chance to be using magic for good, but the idea "for good" is debatable because fighting isn't the only thing that can be good. So Yuzuru can still be a Mage and he does accept that which is a very important thing for him because again he didn't want to be one in the first place. Yuzuru is easily the most optimistic about being a Mage as even Mayu is not that positive.
Mayu has come to realization that even she doesn't want to be using magic like Yamamoto. She may not be blaming people, but she does see what Yamamoto said. Everything that they thought they were fighting for was actually for another person's cause. Mayu wanted to be a Mage to defeat Medusa, but Fukei just wanted to use her. This is even shown with how he used Medusa as both of these characters praised the man. Medusa followed Wiseman's words because she found a purpose to be working for him and Mayu got her purpose because of Fukei giving her the powers to fight Medusa. In the end though Medusa was back stabbed by her leader, literally. Mayu was back stabbed in a figurative way since Fukei stole her kill and then used her for his use. Now what Rinko says to her was good. Now a lot of bad things have happened, but in many ways people have been saved. If it wasn't for Haruto there would have been many people who would have not been affected by what he did. So how would things have played out for many other characters if their lives weren't changed by the rings?
Then there were some interesting moments for Koyomi and Fukei. Koyomi asks Fukei on how far he will go for his goal. She even tells him to not burden himself for her, which was something that the real Koyomi told him before she died. I loved how Fukei started to realize on how this Koyomi is carrying more than the real Koyomi's image. Koyomi even goes on saying that the real one would never want people to die just for her which also follows to how this Koyomi thinks. Fukei still wants his real daughter though and will continue his plans. It's a real interesting part of the episode because it's giving a "what if" situation. This "what if" is if this Koyomi is the real one. This is brought up by what she says which has similarities to the real one. Did Fukei actually succeed more than he thought he has done before. The only thing binding her down is her memory, but she does carry similar character traits from what we have seen from flashbacks.
Next is Sora who is like Fukei in the way of doing what they want to. Sora goes to length ends to get the stone just like how Fukei fights for Koyomi. Sora even goes so far by letting Fukei stab him with his weapon and boy was that brutal. Fukei does do this and impales him into a tree! Sora just used that moment to get that weapon since it's the only way to get the stone from Koyomi's body. Again I always liked Sora being a villain in the series, he had a good back story that I didn't see coming with him keeping his human heart. This even goes as far for him wanting to gain his humanity back as he is like a Mage, it's just he completely loses his humanity. Sora is basically how I wanted Enter because he stays the same, he doesn't have a complete turn around in his character. He is smart, cynical, and combines that with his bright personality. He's the happy psychopath and he does remind me of Hazama from Blazblue.
Haruto then starts to fight the man who he thought was his savior and saw his good intentions. At this moment though he knows Fukei has and is going too far with his plans. Haruto does share some of Fukei's intentions with saving Koyomi, but he wants to find a better way. He even promises that he will continue what Fukei started. Sadly, Fukei will not have this since he is the only one deserving to save him, since he is Koyomi's father and he made a promise to his daughter. I do like this, Haruto does share with what Fukei wants yet he wants to do it in a more safer way. Fukei has done many things though and he still hasn't fully used his plan with Mages being the pillars. It's basically the only option he has right now. Going on I really like how Fukei still has the foot up on Haruto until he gets Infinity back. Fukei made these rings that Haruto uses and that does apply to him being more used to the spells then. He knows exactly what Haruto can do and can counter it. He even faces the Drago Timer with his version of Copy, called Dupe which I love, that word needs to be used more often. We even saw more ring usage from the White Mage and it was great to see how he uses them more effectively. He made these spells and has the most experience with magic than anyone else in the series. Now onto the fight!
The White Mage uses the special dragon attack spells, like Special, Thunder, and Gravity. Along with that he used Explosion again which is easily his favorite spell and his version of a Kick Strike. I can't forget him using Dupe and I loved seeing him summon a dupe when Haruto made a version of a dragon form come out. He even then groups them up together to perfectly defeat all four of them with Thunder. Then round two comes and Haruto gets Infinity back thanks to Koyomi finding it. Fukei's fear has come to face him and he struggles against this power. Now I was sad to see Haruto not use a lot of rings, but Fukei easily used more spells. It would have been fun to see how strong some the spells would have been with Infinity. It was a really good fight though thanks to them fighting in the water, which I always love. Then the effects were glorious! Perfect timing along with camera cuts really made things look good. A great moment was when Haruto deflected flames away when he summons his weapon and the flames are blasted away by the diamond effects as they even contrast in the light. Finally the best part is when the two riders perform Kick Strikes. With Haruto he gets the rings around his foot, but with the diamond effects as Fukei gets the orange circles around him. The episode shows us perfectly how this clash happens and it's easily one of my favorite rider kick clashes.
Now the episode ends with Sora popping out after the big fight as Fukei still stands up. He gets the last blows on the man and even destroys his belt. Now some people complained that the sad music shouldn't have started with Fukei's death since he was the villain. I disagree as I bring up Ryubee again. That man got a sad death because again he was a man with good intentions. Fukei is very similar in this manor as he has saved people before and his intentions were good. Saving his daughter is not a bad thing, now I did love what Koyomi said after the big fight is that life that has died before should not be obtained. Then going on the man has done a whole lot, he broke the boundaries of science and magic by himself! It's sad that a man like him never saw when he crossed the line because he could have easily done better things. Sora then extracts the stone from Koyomi's body. Koyomi then talks on about a life once lost cannot be gained back and she goes on that even though she lived with the appearance of Koyomi, but she lived on as a different person. Her life was affected by many people who accepted her even though she was a doll. Koyomi even sees her death to be a good thing since she is connected to the major issues so with her being gone would stop this quest to save her. Even if Haruto could have continued with what Fukei has been doing, there is a chance he could cross the line and won't notice it like Fukei did. Her death was a very good one and I hope this won't end up like the past three series did with deaths.
Overall I am very excited for the finale of the series. There was a lot of build up and it all got out here. It really felt like I let go to a lot of things and feel somewhat refreshed. It did take a while and that could be a major reason why I feel like this, but I think the pay off is worth it. There is a good theme of death and how people can go too far. Also with good and evil and accepting what is happening right now and what the past affected. Episode fifty-one is right on the way and I can't wait to end the series, I hope it will be a good send off. I would give this episode an A+
Next Time: Sora becomes the ultimate being!

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