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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 27 Review: Dinosaur Carnival!

Starting off from the last episode, Endolf has changed his focus on the real leader of the team. He makes two monsters for this hunt he has started. Will Endolf catch and kill King, or will he revert back to his normal self and save the day?
Now King was gone for the majority of the episode as he is still a human T-rex at the moment. What this soon leads to is way more focus for the overall team and I love it. This episode really gave each character a good moment if it was with the action or with the comedy. Either way I was very happy with both of those elements. I will get to those moments later, but for the show is feeling more like a Sentai now. The recent episodes really had too much King focus, but since the villains have had a sudden comeback it is leading to good moments for the series. Now I will say the last moments of the episode didn't really highlight the team focus with the big fight at the end and the mech fight was weak. Overall I am happy to see the better team focus, but the series still hasn't obtained the perfect balance.
I do love the new opening sequence by the way.
So going on about the overall team focus for this episode it had a good presentation thanks to how people were trying to get King back to normal. There were moments where everyone was trying everything and even going as far to use Amy as human bait. I also have to question why they made her wear the clothes she had on, but oh well that was a nice funny moment. Then we got moments with Yayoi trying to solve why the battery wasn't working and she even got a little action as well. Heck Gabutrya had a little moment where we started to learn he really wants to be with King. If it wasn't in comedy some characters had strong action moments as we had out of suit combat, which is always something I approve. So the overall team cooperation was well done until the end.
From the last episode, Ian was the leader and he still is as of right now. Again he is showing off some nice leadership qualities as he is noticing things before everyone else. Like how he knew King would run away if he got jumped and he tried to stop the team from doing that. Then how he was talking with Yayoi was very comforting and this time he didn't feel like he was trying to score a date. It felt like he was helping a teammate, again this is some form of improvement for him since the last couple of episodes he was just being a failure as a pick up artists. Now one moment I didn't like is what he said when King came back. He basically said that he wanted King to get away and he was aware that him was willing to offer himself for his safety. If he picked up that King would protect him even when he was more beast-like then why would he be surprised that King come back to save the day? Still I am happy where Ian is as a character right now and I hope this side of him doesn't go away even if King is back as the leader.
Endolf was really awesome in this episode and he made two really good monsters. He has a Shinobi and a Hunter to help him out. Both of these guys are really effective of how they fight. One is great for close range and the other has a crossbow so he is easily a more far ranged fighter. Both of these two though were strong on their own and could easily hold their own. Shinobi even used a sealing art on the team's guns so they were unable to transform. Endolf really got two perfect monsters that were ready for the hunt and he wasn't holding back either. Again Endolf has a great impression from his first episode and he still holds that impression. He is clever and strong and I do hope he will become a good villain since I am liking how villains like Chaos and Aigarion are progressing so I want to at least like one more villain.
Now for the comedy of this episode was rather well done. I liked the first gag with Amy being used as bait for King, but nothing can beat Ucchi's performance. The heroes had to distract the villains someway as Ian thinks of a decoy. He tells Endolf and his monsters that Ucchi has another transformation and everyone started to join in on this lie. The whole time Ucchi doesn't want to do this since he has absolutely nothing to do. So he starts to improvise and just doing random movements along with some interesting camera shots. I couldn't help to laugh since Ucchi's reaction to all of this was priceless. He had a traditional stage dance mixed in with hip movements. I also find this to be a reference to Hurricanger for some reason. I even loved his final line saying this transformation lasts for three days, I would love to imagine if there actually was a transformation that would have taken that long. Overall, I couldn't help, but laugh at that scene.
Now for the action portion of this episode it was done very well. I loved the out of suit combat in this episode as everyone had something great. Amy had her kicking, but I will say her moments were the bad parts. It was like seeing Malshina again since the stunt actor had skin tone stockings and boy that was obvious. Now for everyone else it was well done. Nobuhara did more of his wrestling moves and I haven't seen these for a while and I miss it so much. Souji did great with his wooden sword, again I think they can still pull out some of their weapons so why not get the real blade out? I mean Ucchi had his sword out and I kept hearing Zan Zan Zan! Also there were some nice song inserts that were new and somewhat nice. There was one playing with the first big fight as it got me pumped. Also a nice touch was the first transformation in this episode where the four had to dodge enemy fire while transforming, always a good sight to see.
Even the monsters of this episode had a lot of great presentation work for them. The first fight they completely swept the floor with the four heroes. I really loved this because even though that song was getting me pumped I wasn't expecting the villains to have a win like they did there. I did really love how the song continued on to the out of suit fight as well. The Shinobi and Hunter actually had some great effect works, mostly special effects, but the series was really holding somethings up for these two. I really did like the monsters as well, pretty much simple designs on the Shinobi, but the Hunter really took some interesting ideas. The overall color of this guy is yellow and it does work, but doesn't really fit with the Hunter theme. I would expect a brown color or some sort of camouflage like colors. Still his design stays in my head and he has his own motorbike, he's pretty awesome. So can we just have Endolf make the monsters because I am liking his ideas more than anyone else so far. 
Now we have reached to the part with King. Torin saves him by canceling his transformation, but Daigo goes quickly into the battlefield. He gets his gun sealed like the others, but just lets it happen.... This has King take his shirt off as he decides he has to do some ass kicking! King would easily die for his comrades and he clearly says that, when his friends are in danger he will save them. I don't really get the shirt being torn off, I guess there is a female fanbase I don't know about. Still his fight was great, I do think his character song came into play here and I like it, it's catchy and again is pretty fast paced fitting for the action. Then with his fighting style I did like it overall, he really stored up his strength for big hits and knocked out the foot soldiers one by one with one hit at a time. Then we got the King focus we needed for this episode as well, personally I would have been fine with him fighting Shinobi out of suit and somehow canceling the sealing art that way, but we get Carnival mode.
I will say I do like the idea of how Carnival comes about. The battery makes Gabutyra into a Minityra, no I'm not making a joke, that is what they are calling him. The Minityra becomes a gun that can be used to achieve a new transformation. Now personally I don't like the red warrior getting the upgrade only for himself, but hopefully the series can still make the other heroes look strong enough compared to Carnival mode. Personally I don't like the suit, it's the chest piece that is just sticking out and it just ruins the balance of the suit. Everything else I am fine with, the helmet looks nice with the little spikes on the top and even though the pants do look like Gingaman, it works nicely. Also I do like the first fight it had, what I do like is the special effects work and King's fighting style. The style is rather relaxed with good dodges fitting a dancing style since the series does bring up dance motives already. The finisher is pretty cool with Gabutyra biting down on the enemy and causing fireworks explode! So far Carnival is okay as the design is the only thing I don't like overall, but the presentation for it was rather nice.
The mech fight wasn't even anything which I guess I can't blame them since they blasted a lot of effects for this episode. Personally just don't have one then, it's not always a needed thing. I was pretty happy with this episode until the last parts. Carnival is only okay and the mech fight was nothing. Also with the debut of Carnival it felt rather odd to have this when King was still unable to help until the second half of the episode. The beginning parts were very good though. Every character had something if it was in action or comedy, Ian was doing good as a leader still, and even Yayoi had a little greatness. Endolf and his monsters were pretty awesome on how they executed their plans. Overall this episode as a good build up, but it doesn't get to much as the final parts leave you unsatisfied. I would give this episode an A- again it's really good until the last parts which was mostly just action parts. I am getting some more hope for the series, so I hope this hope doesn't turn into disappointment.
Next Time: Kyoryuger vs Torin?!

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