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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Kyoryuger Episode 31 Review: Summer Passion

Man it feels weird reviewing an episode that takes place in the Autumn when it's Winter.... Either way, Fall has come for the team, but it doesn't mean it's time to get working, it's time to get lackadaisical!
It's finally time for another Nossan focus episode! Sadly there aren't as many puns as usual, but Nossan does show what he is made of once more. He is the hard worker of the team and for some reason all his other teammates think it's Summer, even his niece is thinking this. The whole world is having a holiday for some reason as this is Debos' scheme. Dogold and Candy team up and use a crab monster that can make people feel lazy. By doing this, the people can stay happy with their fake vacations while the unaffected people get angry at the inactive sloths. It's a pretty good plan and even the execution of their plan was pretty genius as well. I wasn't expecting that they somehow made a clone of the crab monster and had the real one be near the sun. By doing this, the Holiday Beam (yes that's what it's called) can spread along with the sunlight and affecting people without them noticing it. So a pretty good plan by the villains I have to say, but can a middle aged man get in their way?
How Nossan is portrayed in this episode is like how he was usually. This really isn't a terrible thing since I can enjoy Nossan's hard working attitude. Personally I connect with him the most and I'm nineteen years old. I do see myself to act older than my actual age most of the times as I really can be putting too much effort in my work. It's not a bad thing to have since with Nossan he has a strong passion for working and this causes him to be a good person. It's because of his work on the Autumn festival is what saved him from the sun rays since he was inside. So having Nossan show more of his hard working attitude is not a bad thing since we get to see different aspects of it and here it's how he deals with the desire of relaxation. See this is some sort of development here as the previous episode heavily lacked that for Souji. Here I actually feel that Nossan and some other characters learned something.
There is also one other character other than Nossan who learned something this episode and that is his sister Rika. Guess what, she finally figures out who Blue is! I mean it wasn't obvious before, am I right? I have to say for an episode where Rika finally finds out that Nossan is part of the Sentai there isn't too much done with it. I do like how she finally accepts the team as a Sentai now. The part I didn't like is that Rika keeps her mouth shut about the issue. So even though she knows, Nossan will think she doesn't know. It just makes the whole keeping identity issue completely pointless as it was already pointless before. At least we get to see Rika do what I want to do with Daigo.
 An aspect of this episode I did enjoy was how stupid it got and it was easily fully intentional. Kyoryuger can do good with some over the top moments and this episode didn't go crazy with it, but had some nice jokes. First I want to know how exactly Nossan could see the crab near the sun with those glasses, what kind of special glasses are those? There was even a moment where Daigo took off his sunglasses, but he already had the helmet on, how is that possible? Also the team came fully transformed even though they just went to perform a hula dance, how did they even transform in the first place? Even the monster is dumb and silly looking and that fits the feeling of this episode. The monster even had an attack with his ice cream cone drill. The writing in this episode is fun as there were moments where I can see that writer having a blast thinking of what to do for a gag.
As for the action of this episode, there was barely any mech action whatsoever as Daigo just used Plzeu-oh to knock the crab back to the Earth. Now I did like seeing Nossan having to do all that he can since he was alone in the battlefield. Nossan had to fight the powered-up Dogold by himself and he was holding rather well and even when his team came back he still had some highlights. I did like how the roll call had what I will assume will be Nossan's character song, but why have the theme song play for the fight? It's not hard to have a slow relaxing song be the song for the fight. Going on though even when Carnival mode came into the picture, Nossan ended up doing more still. Daigo missed with his wrecking ball, but Nossan grabs the chain and whacks the monster with it. Finally an episode where Daigo doesn't steal the spotlight!
Overall as an episode for the series it's okay. It's better than the previous episode thanks to a much better focus on the character and actually having some type of development. Still it's not the biggest development, and even though I did love some of the goofiness here and there I think this episode should have just been fully goofy. I would give it a C+ though as I did have some laughs and Nossan hasn't made me fully made yet. Sorry for the short review, I'm not getting lazy it's just there isn't a whole lot to talk about this episode.
Next Time: A basketball Sentai?

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