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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 29 Review: The True Destroyer (Spoiler Alert!!)

With how Toqger has been boring me lately, I am going to focus on with catching up with Gaim in the meantime. Gaim is a series I can easily talk about more and I think it will help me out when I get back to Toqger reviews. Anyway, last time on Gaim, Takatora has been back stabbed by his own people and now Micchy becomes Shin Zangetsu as he will try to kill Kouta with it.
In the beginning of this episode it seems Ryouma and Kouta have to work with each other once more because of Sid. Sid destroyed the alternative crack and even destroyed the Lock Seed vehicles that Yggdrasil had. Also Ryouma cannot let Sid go by himself so he needs Kouta, Kaito, and Micchy to help since they are the only ones with vehicles that weren't destroyed. I do love how fast things got out of control for Sid as it's easily karma biting back and I have a feeling that the others will get some karma on them as well. Kouta makes a promise with Ryouma if that he helps, he gets a chance to talk with Takatora. Sid makes up a lie telling him the best way to Takatora would be with Sid. It's quite amazing to see that Kouta is too trustworthy and Ryouma is not even his friend. It's funny to note that Kouta thinks Takatora is being affected by Ryouma and yet he believes him. Now this isn't a bad thing for the episode because Kouta's trustworthiness is brought up and is talked about. Also I do feel that Kouta believes his story because of all the destruction that just happened in Yggdrasil. Reminding me of that, I guess it would be good to talk about Kouta then.
As I said before, Kouta's weakness is brought up in this episode just like last time. Kaito straight up tells him that, this all could be a trap since Sid does work for Yggdrasil. While Kaito tried to put some of his logic in Kouta's head, it all just gets bounced off because Kouta is again trusting people too much. Kaito literally puts the idea that someone he knows could be working for Yggdrasil and he just says no to that possibility. What I loved in this scene is that Kaito is giving Micchy many quick looks and even taunts him. Literally Kaito is showing Micchy that he is correct about Kouta. When Kaito is leaving then, he says he will work alone since even when they team up, Micchy will just tell them to split up. What Kaito said did stay in Kouta's head though as he didn't want Micchy to leave at the moment. Micchy convinces him otherwise and he straight up leaves the forest and works with Sid. I really do love the pacing of the show, the show itself is giving us clues of what is going to happen and then the series can easily pull something on us. How they are using Kouta is great at this point, because he still has something to overcome and hopefully he can before anything worse happens to him.
Now let's go on about Micchy as he is clearly just working for himself now. I should have been realizing this earlier on because when Micchy started to snap he is only focusing on Kouta. Sid even notices this and that's why he wants to team up with him because they have a common enemy. With Micchy though it just feels like he just gained a pawn and will use him however he likes. There were many hints with this as Micchy talked about the power of influence before as he thinks he has it. Micchy even mentions something about gods that really took my interest. Sid is talking about having the power of a god as he wants it. For Micchy though becoming a god would makes things harder for himself as he would rather have a god work for him. That line made me realize that Micchy is doing things for himself and no one else and I can feel that part of him will easily get bigger as the series continues. Micchy is even feeling more like scum to me, like he is getting to Sid's and Ryouma's level of evil because he's becoming this twisted little fiend. He has no problem with his brother being dead and is straight up using his powers to try and kill his former friend. Too bad his brother doesn't know what is going on, but there is more for him.
Takatora does live as he is saved by an Overlord! Takatora himself is confused on why a monster like him would even save him. It ends up though that this Overlord is far different than the rest. What's really interesting is that this Overlord is like Takatora in many ways. The king had a similar plan to what Takatora had which was to have a select amount of people survive what the forest brought to them. Now the difference is that, everyone was embracing the forest as they wanted a new world. This was a truly ground shaking moment as we find out that the forest isn't even evil itself as the past civilization was destroyed by the Overlords themselves. There were power hungry fools who ended up killing others and those who remain don't even want to rebuild their civilization. 
The Overlord then asks about the drivers that they have and wonders if it is really a tool to defend the weak. In the end, even Takatora sees that the drivers will just cause the same end that the Overlords had since he just had that happen to him. This is probably why Takatora was saved by the Overlord as the humans are going down the same path and could this Overlord be trying to prevent that? Later on the two talk about the forbidden fruit as one will appear when the forest consumes a new world. The Overlord himself was a chosen one and he sees that the humans will be going down the same path as they are not worthy of the fruit that could save their world. It's a great parallel to see and this is world building right here! The whole back story with the Overlords is amazing since the whole time we thought the forest just killed things off and yet it's the opposite. Then how they played things out will probably be the same fate for the humans as Ryouma and the others clearly show that.
What's great is that we see a character that is pretty much was describes how the Overlords reacted to new power, Sid. This guy is in it for himself just like Micchy as he just wants power because it's power. Sid is a smart man at the same time, but again it's that blind desire that makes him seem dumb. Sid thinks things out well and even gets someone to team up with him because he knows that Kouta has more enemies than Sid himself. What's cool is that he fights the red Overlord who easily has an interesting parallel with him. The both of them are power hungry warriors. The red Overlord already has his powers and now wants to use it to fight people and then when he gets disgraced he goes on a blinding rage. Sid can be the same as he blindly attacked Kouta at many points even if it wasn't part of the job. Sid even wants to get back at him for defeating him before which is similar to the red Overlord wanting to fight Baron again. I will easily say, Sid doesn't give up as he powers through his problems. He's an interesting character to look at even with more important things happening as I now I have to wonder how the Overlords will be reacting to him.
A great moment for Kouta happens though as something surprising happens. Micchy thinks that Kouta will not fight back if he uses his brothers Genesis Driver as this was proven before. What he forgot though is that he had that one moment of fighting back in the previous episode to stop the fight. So Micchy pretending to be Takatora attacks Kouta as he tries to talk sense into him. Even when Kaito seems right about how Kouta trusts too many people, in the end Kouta doesn't want to lose that since that is how he got here now. So he decides to fight back as this is his way of ending the battle and trying to get Takatora back. For Micchy this was bad news as he is completely devastated by Gaim using the Jinba Lemon Arms. So much that he couldn't even fight again when the red Overlord appeared. Again this just proves my point that karma is biting back at people like Micchy and Ryouma as the same could happen to Sid at some point. In the end, Kouta is taking his higher ground like before and is not giving up no matter who his foe is.
The action in this episode then was far better than the previous episode as he had three moments of some great fights. First is that Sigurd fights Baron and I love that Baron still stood a chance even before he uses the Genesis Driver. Kaito easily picked up some skill as Sid just uses power to be his skill. Then we had more of the insanely awesome laser arrow fights. I just love these fights way too much, sure the actual arrows are special effects, but it's the camera and stunt work that really brings it to life. Sigurd uses the trees as cover most of the time and tries to get to a new one at a time. Baron on the other hand though keeps moving and waits for the shining moment to strike, again this clearly shows the difference of skill the two have. Baron then beats Sid in close combat as he can take more blows than Sid can. Then there was Gaim's comeback against Zangetsu as he uses the Jinba Lemon Arms to fight back. It's interesting to watch Micchy fully pretend he is Takatora as he tries copying his style, but he doesn't have the skill to back it up. Gaim just takes him down with ease which was the opposite when he actually fought Takatora and then the song for the Jinba Arms is becoming my favorite insert song in Gaim so far. Then there was the ending fight as the red Overlord appears along with Baron and Sigurd later on. There is a lot happening in this fight and I love how Gaim and Baron deal with it. They first focus on Sid since he's the problem so far and there are moments when Gaim protects the Overlord and also both him and Baron know how to work with each other. The third fight had a great flow as in the wrong hands it could have been hard to follow, but thanks to allowing the camera to focus on certain parts first helped to see what is going on and not just having everything be a big far zoom shot.
Episode twenty-nine is just another impressive episode in Gaim and I know I sound like a broken record for this, but I just can't say many bad things about the series so far. Everything is going along greatly and with new plot points there is still a great amount of character focus being done. Even Sid got more focus in this episode which is something he hasn't had for a while. Then the best part is the interaction with Takatora and the Overlord since seeing the Overlord react to how the humans are fighting the forest and telling his story really just brings more depth for Gaim. Then the action was at full glory pretty much. This episode gets an A+
Next Time: Kikader appears?

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