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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kamen Rider Ideas Part Four

A little personal update is that writing/typing has just been getting hard for me, just some personal issues with classes and all of that jazz. I just need to pick up my style and love for it again. Again my style is that I treat my writing like I am talking just add a bit of edits onto them because if I got really typed as I wrote, there would be many swears and terrible jokes and by terrible I mean completely offending types of jokes. Oh well I just want to talk about my other section of Kamen Riders. Again these ones are connected to a similar power since Gatekeeper did create a new world at the end of his story. What happens then is that his power is the universal power for this new world, but this does not mean that everyone is Gatekeeper or just exactly the same. I got this idea when I made Gatekeeper with the gate motif, the gate broke open and greatness came out of it. So with that the beginning of this legacy of riders is not as expected.

Kamen Rider Myth 

The beginning is with the myth of this power. In this world the disappearance of Rome happens because of a war between factions to gain this mythical power. The whole battle has been passed down as a myth since there was no proof and over time it just became more of a fairy tale to people. These different factions were the humans (of course), demons, angels, and sub humans. What happens during the battle is that some unknown force seals him with all of the warriors. Somehow someone contacts our main hero and I do not have many names thought out so I will just call him Myth for right now. So he is given the power that sealed away the warriors since when the seal breaks the previous user will not be alive anymore. The story starts with the myth being told and straight to the warriors being released into modern age. The demon, angel, and sub human armies are left intact, but for the humans there was only one survivor as it was the leader. These leaders will be the other riders in the story as they fight each other to gain the power for different reasons. The human warrior wanted it to protect his people, the angels want to keep it so that they can remain at the top, demons wants to take over, and the sub humans simply want to live normally like the others. Myth is then here to seal them again, but he realizes that he does not have enough power to do it yet so he has to participate in the unfinished war. There is more to be revealed though in this battle. Myth gains forms based on the four leaders and each one gives a new style of fighting. His base form is a nice sleek white color scheme with a one handed sword, but with his training as of now he has to use it with both hands. He sticks with an improvised style and throughout his training his learns how to keep it and make it better as it becomes more of a defensive style. Griffin gives him a more wild and offensive style and the sword become two smaller swords to help out with that. Pegasus gives him a sly style where he can dodge masterfully and escape many situations; the sword becomes daggers and knives to work with this style. Dragon changes the sword to an actual two handed sword and can wreck at foe with its devastating power. The final form for him is the Phoenix form which has a combination of the styles along with the fire elemental and wings, pretty much Myth becomes very similar to Phoenix.

Kamen Rider Phoenix, Dragon, Pegasus, and Griffin

These are the four leaders of their respective groups. Phoenix is pretty much a fallen warrior since his army was taken down by the other ones and only he could possibly stand a chance. He is clearly the most skilled warrior of the whole story since he still managed to stay alive against three armies by himself. Phoenix actually helps Myth in his training so that he can stand up for what he wants and accomplish them. This is something Phoenix couldn’t do for his people. Phoenix wields a sword similar to Myth, but can actually execute it properly. Dragon wants nothing more than destruction, but it does mean he is a noble warrior still. He can be rather brutal in his fighting style and tactics, to him that is war though.  He wields a mace and shield and like a dragon, can actually breathe fire! Pegasus is a bow wielding rider that does hide a knife for getting out of close range situations. He relies on his army and keeps them right next to him as their arrows go together in unison. He sees himself as a higher being, but he will start to change his mind and that could actually bring him to his downfall. Griffin just wants his people to be free from the abuse they suffered and while his army does not plan things well, their power and improvising can surprise any tactician. His army will mostly use anything that is around them, but their leader keeps his trusty hand axe.

Kamen Rider Legend

I got the idea of continuing the connected powers with how Black went into Black RX. Black’s powered evolved into RX and for Myth he becomes a Legend. At the end of the war a mysterious force appears and actually steals Myth’s powers leaving him defenseless he still stands up and tries to fight this unknown black entity. A great power is released and a similar looking key blade appears and fends off the black mass for a while. As you can tell this is Gatekeeper as he sort of lives as a God in the world as he is summoned to give the unlocked power to a warrior, just as the myth said. You can probably also tell that the black mass is a piece of Creation that somehow slipped into the new world. Gatekeeper tells the new hero that there will be others with similar powers and Legend becomes a travelling hero to find these other heroes or to even stop ones that will abuse it. Legend dawns a green look now and while Myth had the style changing, Legend takes that to a higher level. He can switch to many weapons and can access to similar fight styles that Gatekeeper had access to. The Legend Unlocked form is when the powers truly come alive where all weapons get an upgrade and his physical strength gets the same treatment.

Kamen Rider Military

To make connections to Myth and Legend I am going straight into another war story, but a more modern take of war. This is easily about taking land and supplies to flourish their lands. Military is a simple solider serving his country, but he quickly starts to learn to harsh world of war and experiences many people’s stories. His default form I took some notes from the ZECT troopers of Kabuto. He has a hidden sword in his blaster hand where he can use different bullets. He then gains chips which he can insert into his arm blaster to change forms. The first one is Seeker which is a camouflage and land mine form. Heli is a flying form based on a helicopter (duh!) and his blaster is armed to the teeth as the firing speed is heavily increased. Missile is based on a Submarine and while it is better to use in the water, on land the missiles he fires can be devastating. His final form is the Atomic form and similar to Legend, it completely sheds off the armor for a green radiation suit where he can possess the power of nuclear energy. The connection here is that the nuclear energy is on par with the powers of Legend.

Kamen Rider Assassin, Tank, Combat, Bomb, Colonel

These are all different warriors involved in the war as they are in for their own reasons. Assassin comes from a neutral party that is simply defending themselves from the bloodshed. His armor is not the heaviest since his country is not that rich compared to others, but he has mastered the use of stealth and close combat to make sure he does not get hit. He is also equipped with a long blade, throwing stars, and small bombs. Tank is a full on power rider where he excels at close combat thanks to the power of a tank! He can even fire tank rounds thanks to the cannon on his back, but the blast does take a lot out of him. Tank comes from a mercenary group being paid to defend another nation and can actually have an upbeat personality and soon ends up helping Military, this man even gets two nations to join together. Combat is from the opposing side and he is a hired hit man to take out anyone that they want. He is rather ominous of how he does things and can be notable for backstabbing his clients, but he has taken down many powerful leaders and even an entire country by himself. Combat as his name implies is suited for it, he is all around balanced in all fields on combat. His favorite though is fist to fist as he loves to breaks the bones of his enemies. He has many guns attached to him as well, but tends to ignore them if the target is fun to toy with. Bomb is pretty much my Ouja, he was a POW held up by the opposing nation as he suffers through many mental disabilities thanks to the war. What he got from it was a love of explosives and when Combat failed they send him in the simply destroy anything. This becomes the major threat of the story as he even gains a form called Little Boy where he can actually use nuclear explosions! Colonel is then a rider that hides in the background as he comes out when the war is nearly over. He uses two batons as his weapons, but they can redirect gun fire, shock foes, and even use magnetic forces to lift his foes.

Next time I lighten up the mood with my rider Drift which was inspired by Accel and Carranger, go to school with Magi, experience the dream world with Dream, perform on the stage with Masquerade, and explore the unknown with Dig.

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