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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Extra Heroes of Super Sentai

Recently in Gokaiger we saw Basco summoning four extra heroes which where Dekamaster, Magimother, Woldzard Fire, and Kuro Kishi (Bullblack). Now Basco only lost the Kurokishi key and it seemed that he had ten of those before so now he has nine, but could he have more? Thats why I want to remember the extra heroes of sentai because who knows what other keys there could be.

I hear a lot of talk about Magne Senshi being an extra hero, but I never saw Bioman yet so I have no opinion on him right now, but he does have a sentai look to him and there is the fact he was a villian.

For me I think X-1 Mask is the first extra hero even though he was only in one episode. His powers were destoryed in battle, but it doesnt mean it can still be around. I mean if Dekaswan counts and she only had a fight in one episode why shouldnt he count. I think if there is a key for him it will be very interesting or the original actor appears for the Maskman tribute.

There is the Neo Jetman team, but they are a team and not a single hero also their powers were given to the Jetman, so even though it would have been an nice arc to see Basco use this power they wont be around. Unless they have something to do with a Jetman tribute.

Ninjaman was shown in the whole series though, but I do know what happens in the end of Kakuranger so that could have to do with him not being around. Also he can grow big so that could have killed his chance as well, but how cool would it have been to see Ninjaman in Samurai form fighting Gokaioh.
Gunmajin is another example of the Ninjaman extra hero, now I never watched Ohranger yet, but I remember in Zeo and how he was only in one episode and he was a giant the whole time. So being giant the whole time would be an odd summon, but imagining him fighting Gokaioh.

Signalman looks like Gunmajin for having more of a robot look, but the helmet really makes him look like somewhat of a ranger and he has his own mecha.

VRV Master is like Gunmajin because he helped the team by giving them mechs and he also gives off a sentai look, but he was only in one episode. Power Rangers though used him as the Phantom Ranger and actually made him an important character in Turbo, so maybe if Gokaiger is adapted there could be a PR only key.

Now you probably remember my Gokaiger episode 20 review and how I think Kurokishi shouldnt be an extra hero. First even though he is more bulky than the others he still looks like a sixth warrior also his design is similar to Gingaman. I guess it is because of his name, but still I think he should have replaced Abare Killer in the sixth warrior spot. (I dont hate Abare Killer, its only because Abaranger only had five total members like Gekiranger)

Demon Hunter Sieg was in the GoGoV movie and his powers were transfered to Kyoko and she was shown using that power in the series. That means his powers can easily still be used unless something happened in the series.

Even though he appeared before Dekabreak in the series he didnt fight all the time. He also has a huge mix of colors now mostly the blue like color shows the most, but there are a lot of other colors. With Dekabreak he was mostly white with some gold.

Then there is the one episode fighter Dekaswan, I guess she counts because he powers werent lost, but still she only had one fight. Also again with the color there is white, but orange really appears and shows out more its a really unusal color scheme, but it works really well.

Next another one episode sentai warrior was Dekabright and I have no idea why she doesnt count? The only reason I got is because Dekaranger would had to many extra hero keys and the total would be an uneven number unless there are more extra hero keys. It could also because she has the same weapon as Dekabreak even though its a different color its mostly the same device.

Dekagold was just mentioned really and didnt even have a fight in the movie which I find disapointing becuase I really like the suit and a female gold ranger would be awsome even though she would count as an extra hero and not an offical ranger.

In Magiranger there is Magimother who is the mother of the team (I always question the name, Magiwhite is fine) There isnt much to say about her because she doesnt appear in the series for a whole chunk of the series after episode one.

Shockingly a villian of Magiranger changed sides and even changed into a red warrior. This is Wolzard Fire (again why not just MagiFire, I know Wolzard was the name, but really) Well of course he would be an extra hero because his suit is very different from the team also he is another red and same tone of red too not like Kabuto Ranger.

Even Zuban counted as an extra heroes because his powers are completely different from the team. Also his design is completely different, so even though X-1 Mask looks like a sentai warrior he doesnt count while Zuban does?! He even grows giant like Ninjaman so why does he get in while Ninjaman and Gunmajin doesn't?!

There is no doubt that Akared will have a key. I mean hes a huge focus of the series and he has everything to count as an extra hero. Hes a red which there always is in a sentai team, he perfectly has the best ranger look, and could his key have mutiple uses then? By that I mean could anyone who uses this key use other red ranger powers?

These are the extra heroes I agree with the most Rio and Mele from Gekiranger and so far the last ones. First they have some type of sentai looks to them as well a different color from the team. They even had a role call with the team. There is also the fact they had mechas like the others so these two are a great example of extra heroes.
I know they arent all extra heroes, but I just think that some of these characters that dont have keys (yet) should be known as extra heroes.


  1. I am like so behind with this page,Kirokishi Hyuga should be listed as a 6th Warrior. As his character was more involved with the rest of the team and has slot of adventures as well. It is confusing that suit is 2 different character. The writers in Gokaigers really missed out in not having Kirokishi as Gai Ikari's primary arsenal. They did however resolved the gap by having Hubs appear in the episode. GoGo V made the biggest mistake in not having a 6th warrior. Kyoko having the Sieg Jean powers would have been a good space to fill, help let's have the Titanium Ranger too.

  2. I really think that the Titanium Ranger shouldn't be involved with the Sentai. Its because he is a Power Ranger only character. Also when Saban does this series the tribute episode for Light speed will be awesome because we will see an exclusive Power Ranger key. Overall I think there are many extra heroes who were forgotten for this series while we get Hime Shinkenred.