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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Poll Results #1

Do you think Decade will be localized?
Maybe-4 (33%)
No-8 (66%)

What do you think of Gokai Silver's Gold mode?
Amazing- 7 (41%)
Good- 4 (23%)
Bad- 2 (11%)
Ugly- 4 (23%)

Do you ever think that there will be Ranger (srry in the poll I said Gokai) Keys for Kamen Riders
Yes- 0 (0%)
Maybe-  3 (20%)
No- 2 (13%)
No, but it would have been nice- 10 (66%)

Do you plan on to watch the drama of Moyashimon and why?
Yes for the toku actors- 4 (50%)
Yes because I love the anime/manga- 0 (0%)
No because I dont care for the anime/manga- 1 (12%)
No, just not interested- 3 (37%)

For me
I think Decade will not be localized
The Gold Mode looks good to me. It looks better than a lot of the battlizers power rangers has and the finisher is really amazing.
It would have been awsome if there were really Ranger Keys for Kamen Riders, but sadly that probably wont happen.
The reason I watched Moyashimon is because of the toku actors.

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