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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kamen Rider Double Returns: Kamen Rider Eternal Review

Well this is the second return movie and its another great one. This movie focuses on Katsumi Daido and the group NEVER. The group were zombie like soldiers who could never die, but only if they dont get the serum in their bodies. The last time we saw them as in the A to Z movie where they are seen as villians who want to send the city of Fuuto to hell. In this movie we see the viewpoint of a girl named Mina who knew Katsumi before the attack on Fuuto and how he was a hero who encounters Double. The movie beings with a Sweets Dopant trying to snack on Philip's body soon Double beats the dopant easily and they meet Mina who attacks them. Soon they get her calmed down and we see the first flashback. The flashback starts with how Katsumi died and was revived by the serum and how he was a test subject. Foundation X was deciding on what to use and sadly the gaia memories won and Foundation X disclosed the zombie project. Katsumi said that its not over though as he drives off, now we see him and the three other members who are looking for a new member who is a theif who is going to sentenced to death. She escapes though, but during the struggle with the guards she was shot and killed. There NEVER appears and kill the guards and soon Reika is revived and joins the team. Soon she already has her first mission to take down a man, not sure why, but oh well not important. Soon after taking down some soliders they find their target, but he was killed by Mina who uses her psychic powers to attack the team, but Katsumi gets her down on the ground, but doesnt finish the job. He thinks she is being forced to fight which he was right, but more psychics attack the team as they have to split up. Katsumi, Reika, and Mina meet Kazu who is transformed as Eternal's Red Flare prototype mode. Katsumi tries to take the memory, but is easily rejected, but the the memory starts to malfunction as Kazu detransforms. Sadly though Katsumi and Reika are captured as she is taken for tortue as for Katsumi is a training dummy for other psychics. Soon Katsumi meets Doctor Perception who owns the Eyes memory and is the leader of the psychics and if they dont obey they will be killed. Katsumi now sees that he must free these people from him, but he has trouble because he doesnt have the serum with him so time is not on his side.

Pros- I really liked the plot of this movie and how Katsumi was actually a hero back then, but we soon see how he changes. Mina was a good character first the actor is Rin who is known for Mako (Shinkenpink) as she plays a psychic girl who hates the leader for enslaving her and the others. She is also the viewpoint of the story for the gang. It was also nice to see how the others joined the team when they were killed, Gozo was protesting, but was killed by the main people I guess. Ken was killed in the line of battle with him holding a picture of his family. Finally Izumi was killed by his own people not sure what exactly happened, but he was betrayed by them and was stabbed in the stomach. There are now things that are explained with Kazu and the power of Utopia also how he became an immortal like NEVER. Genki Sudo's character Izumi is still funny to watch, mostly every scene he has is funny if its his moves or what he says. Seeing these guys as heroes was very interesting, but I sort of saw that coming because in the A to Z movie when Reika was dying for good and said how Katsumi changed.

Neutral- Well I have to mention this, there seems to be a good amount of fan service from Reika because she mostly wears a small blouse like clothing. Also there is a tortue scene where is chained, without the coat, and is sweating a lot. Im sorry if I sounded perverted there, but its just there and there seems to be fanservice for her character.

Cons- At some scenes it just seems that they are just at a set, mostly at the village it just doesnt look convincing to me. During the big riot fights it can get werid and you go come on!

Overall- This is another great return movie, not as good as Accel's IMO, but with good character backstory and devleopment this does good with its run time of 1 hour and 15 mins, an A- now I wonder what will be next maybe it will be a film for when Shotaro first meets Sokichi and tries to join him.

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