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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 21: The Two Red Adventurers

First I will say that Boukenger is my favoirte sentai series so far and this episode os Gokaiger didnt disapoint me at all. The episode beings with Marve wanting Navi to work harder with finding more powers since Basco can steal them. Marve is very strict with this, but luckily Akashi comes in and tells them about a new precious he wants to get. Also I like how they mention the team because it shows that they know of them already. The Boukengers have no issues with them not like the Dekarangers until the end of that episode. Well first after Gai freaking out and getting an autograph from Akashi. Marvelous agrees since it reminding him of his time with Aka Red. When looking around the team run into Insarn as it seems the Zangyack want the precious as well. Gai, Joe, Ahim, and Doc fight the soldiers while the others search for the item. In the fight Gai wanted the team to transform into Hurricanger, but he just said ninjas so the others were Kakurangers. During the fight it shown more nostalgia with the effects from the Kakuranger series.

Too bad Gai, if there was only a Ninjaman key.

Well with the other three Marve beings to remember his time with Aka Red when they searched for ranger keys. Soon they find the cave with the many dead bodies of Zangyack with swords in their backs (kinda brutal). Soon after opening a sealed door they find a Jaryuu tribe member reviving Ryuuwon since that is the power of the precious it can bring back the dead. Ryuuwon awakens and his body has been rotting for a while so a part of his body is grey which I really liked because it shows that the writers have common sense (unlike PR Samurai writers). Ryuuwon trap the three in the cave and appears in front of Insarn right before she was going to fight (damnit!) and fights off the four. The three escape when Akashi mentions what an adventure is all about and how the hardest parts are the best parts. The three return as the other four were easily being defeated by Ryuuwon. The team transform and even the full team can't take him on, he even deflects the team's final wave! The team then transform into the Boukengers and still he was a challenge, but stragey wins the days as Marve gets the precious out of Ryuuwon. His body though still moves and Gai tries to finish him off with the gold mode finisher, but he grows big and its time for the mecha fight. Gojyu Rex has trouble fighting him and even attacks from Deka and Magi Gokaioh have no effect on him. Then they use the Boukenger's power and it summons Dai Bouken! The summon also gives Gokaioh the GouGou Ken and the team finish off Ryuuwon with Gokai Adventure Drive! The team rejoice and Marvelous is all calmed down now and is back to normal. At the end though Akashi says "Is this alright, Aka Red?"

Does Akashi know something the others dont?

I really loved this episode for a die hard Boukenger fan it was amazing. Not only we get a veteran ranger back, but a veteran villian. Ryuuwon was epic like he was in the series and proved to be a great threat to the team. Also there could be more veteran villians again and like Ryuuwon they will be a challenge for the team. The team really had trouble taking Ryuuwon down and in the end they didnt go full power burst to beat him they had to think to defeat him. One thing I got to mention though, how does Gai know about the Hurricangers werent they supposed to be like a secert? Oh well thats picking at the little stuff anways, this episode was amazing with bringing back a lot of nostaliga from my favorite sentai series, "Good Job!"


  1. Akashi says "Is this alright, Aka Red?"

    because if nt mistaken, one of the movie Aka Red know Akashi and given him the chance to become the chief of Super Sentai in one of the movie, if I am nt mistaken

  2. yes I do remember that it just seems a little odd to me thats all since akared is a focus on the story. Akashi could have been in contact with akared before the legends war. Or during the time akared was trying to find the ranger keys.