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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gokai Red Gold Mode? Also OOO Music Video Previews

Well this is interesting, it could be possible that Gokai Red could have a gold mode or it could be the same gold armor it just can be used by the others. This isnt a special gold mode just for red though because when I looked closer I think I see Shinkengold on Red's armor. Also by how the image looks like maybe this is only for the upcoming video game? If Red's gold mode doesnt have the sixth warriors then who? There are 34 red warriors and I know not all of them can fit on there. High chance they will use the red's from a sixth warrior team like ShinkenRed. There is another fact that it could be fake, always count all possibilities and by this imgae it seems that each member probably wont have their own modified version of the gold mode. It makes sense though because Gai made the gold key by himself he could easily do with others and give them to the specific team member. High chance though the gold mode will be like the Shinkengers' Super mode it will be passed along for other memebers to use it.

Also previews for Kamen Rider OOO's songs came out, three of them are out (Im still hoping that Power to Tearer will have one).

This was a pretty cool music video, first seeing Ankh dance was epic and the scenery was pretty nice. The video does look a little over dramatic though.

This is the song I have been waiting for when it was just being rumored. Mostly because Kamen Rider Birth became one of my favoirte riders (whats with secondary riders these days they are so awsome!) Well I dont know why there are dancers in the background they seem a little weird to me. Also Date is awsome with a guitar!

This is the final song preview so far and its a really light hearted and catchy song. Ankh raps in this song which is more epic than his dancing and hearing "Ole" a lot reminds me of ohranger. The main singer is the samurai from the movie. I dont know much about him, but maybe he has a singing profession? So my favorite out of these three by music is Birth's just because Gotou and Date can really sing together and the guitar solo sounds sick! The best video though has to go to the movie song because its nice to look at and I like seeing the main three singing and dancing together. Too bad Gotou and Date werent involved. July 27th is the release of the Full Combo CD which will have all the Combo form themes along with Reverse/Re:Birth and the full music videos.


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