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Friday, July 22, 2011

Off Topic: My Favorite Video Games Part 3 Shooter

Now when I saw shooter it can be any game that has gun action, I dont mean games like call of duty or halo. Personally I dont really care for 1st person shooters that much or just 1st person in general. There is a game that is about war though with great stragey and for me is my favoirte sega game so far. That game is valkyria chronicles!

At first I didnt have a ps3 so how I saw this game was on a walkthrough by Omegaevolution he does a lot of them and he always played games that I have played before. So I really loved just watching this game now that says something because the story is just great. Its a great war story about how a small country is in the crossfire of a bigger war and how this country fights to survive. Not every character gets shined on sadly mostly because some are just for battle purpose, but some of those characters are still remembered the most like Marina. The main character is a man named Welkin who comes to his hometown to get his sister because of the rumors of Imperals in the city. While sketching fish though he is arrested by the town guard Alicia who suspects him of being a spy. His sister does appear though and gets him free and Alicia finds out he is the son of a past war hero. Welkin Gunther is his last name and his father was a huge war hero and his sister was adopted by him when her father died, but she is a Darcsen which is a race that is looked down upon because of past records saying how they burned a whole city down with the use of ragnade, but its mostly a myth yet normal citizens follow it everyday.

Yea there is a racism theme in, but it is done perfectly.

Soon the worst has happened and Imperals attacks Bruhl and the town guards dont stand a chance when the other side has a tank! Alicia stays behind as Welkin goes for Isara, after killing two Imperals at his home they find out a friend of theirs Marsha is going through labor (oh forgot to mention her srry) So not only Welkin needs to get his sister away, but also a pregnant woman who is giving birth. Isara shows Welkin his father's tank the Edelweiss and says it can get all three them out safely. The three get in the tank and Welkin and Isara takes out the enemy tank and gives enough time for everyone to escape as Bruhl is taken over. Now Welkin, Alicia, and Isara enlist in the army and are assigned to Squad 7. There are two other characters then who dont accpet Welkin though thinking he is a cocky newbie. Those two are Largo and Rosie, Largo only had trouble with Welkin, but Rosie had issues with Isara for being a Darcsen. Welkin gets those two to agree to his terms though as he pulls off the impossible by taking over an area under 2 days. Welkin's fame though even gets the Imperal's attention as the commanders get more involved with missions. I dont want to say much about them mostly because it will be full of spoilers. Expect for Maximilian who wants to win this war so he can move up in his royal family, he is very greedy though as it is shown in the battlefield.

He is a dick no doubt.

There is an anime, but it doesnt carry the same message and story like the game, but it does one thing better which I cant talk about either, but its very sad. In both anime and game its one of the saddest moments I have seen and its the first game I cried too. The anime strikes it harder though IMO. So for gameplay is amazing, its a 3rd person shooter that is like Fire Emblem. Each character takes a turn for movement and action and they have limited movement. Also you dont want to leave them wide open because of enemy infantry or even tanks. Some people say just to use the tank, but the tank cant capture camps and it cant take too much missile attacks. There is also a radiator at the back its small, but if its hit its game over for the tank. So you really have to think how to get everyone covered and safe, but the quicker you do the mission the better grade you get which will give you more exp for training camps and money for new parts and weapons. This game will make you think because of the chance of reinforcements and hidden enemies. There are also sort of boss like enemies that you will first see in CH 7 or 8. If someone does get taken down you got three turns to rescue them or just finish the mission before they die. Also you cant replace that fallen person until you get them or they die so just dont go crazy because you will get everyone killed!

Always remember the tank can't do everything.

The graphics are very nice with a water paint style which is very refershing on the eyes to see again and again. For me this is the best design I have seen in a video game, I dont really care for the high detail at times because sometimes it loses the focus on the actual game. Some games are just flashy and arent that fun at times. Valkyria Chronicles is not one of those games as its always fun to go through each mission as all of them as their own difficulty. There are even bonus material during the game which you can buy and unlock and there is one that is just to watch and is fan service, but there are some of those have their own missions and it gives good character devleopment. So overall if you got a ps3 and want a great war game this is the game for you trust me its a lot of fun with great missions and a great story.


  1. Valkyria Chronicles. Aah... one of the reasons why I got a PS3 and I have no regrets. Great game, great story, great characters.

    Probably because of Selvaria though. God damn it, what a hot yet dangerous bad ass lady for a boss.

  2. wow thats the same reason for me as well! I was really interested by the look of the game the water color style and gameplay

  3. The series eventually moved on to the PSP, but I'm not sure I follow them. Maybe I will, in the future.

    But I really have NO regrets of buying PS3 for this. Aside of great game (which also provides Japanese voice options!) the PS3 is growing steady even after it's initial fail phase.