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Monday, July 25, 2011

Possiblity: Titanium Ranger in Gokaiger?

This video is getting fans wondering if this is possible because the fact that the Titanium Ranger was a american made warrior and never appeared in GoGoV. If this is true what will be his name? Will it be GoSilver or GoTitanium, high chance they will want to hint of to power rangers by calling him GoTitanium and that isnt the weirdest name for a sentai warrior, I mean there is GekiChopper and Magi Mother.

So the fact of him only being in Power Rangers could make this a false rumor and this type of rumor happened before. During April (I think it was April's Fools Day) there was an image of the Titanium Ranger with kanji near him. Easily this picture was a fake because it was done with some editing, but was that person telling the truth and knew about this to even screw with us even more? In the video though I see something though that is odd. When the Gokaigers transform into GoGoV they move their heads, but Silver doesnt. So that could have revealed it was fake or it could have easily been an editing fail. The only way we will find out is by seeing the new episode of Gokaiger. I have been hearing though in Indonesia that their trailer was different then the one we saw so maybe there was an image of Titanium in that preview, but it could easily be someone messing with our minds. I dont think this is real though first because of Silver's head not moving and the fact that Titanium was in power rangers only it would make no sense to the sentai franchise to have a pr only warrior. Mostly because there could be people who dont know of him and how will they work it with the team fight? If it is real I will be shocked and if its fake I still give credit to the maker for a very well done job with editing and making the transforming convincing.

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  1. a trailer in indonesia ? but we here didn't get the shows aired... since i live in indonesia and the only way i can watch toku is by downloading the tv-rips..