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Monday, July 25, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 22 Review: I Want to Ride my Bicycle!

Well this episode starts out with Gai showing the team his Super Sentai Encyclopedia since he is tired of them messing up with his team combinations. Everyone takes a look expect for Joe who says he needs to go shopping. Gai follows him, but first a kid who is riding his bike finds the Zangyack doing something and he is spotted which leads to the two defending the boy. Gai wants Joe to become Tricera Ranger as he transforms into Dragon Ranger, but Joe transformed into AbareBlue because they are both dinosaur themed. Gai deals with it though as they fight off the creature who drops a stone and gets away with it anyways. First they attend to the child who wants to meet his friend at top of a mountain for sight seeing of shooting stars. Gai says that he think the kid is to reckless riding his bike so far, but Joe encourages him to continue because it reminds him of Marvelous. Of course the usual sneeze scene happens then with Marvelous (I think I always see that in everything from Japan, series, movies, and games).

I know this isnt from episode 22, but I cant find any pics of it and its similar expect for the other members and no Gai, but hey there is a kid and a bike.

So the team find out about the stone and if it connects to a death stone at the top of a mountain it will cause great destruction. Guess which mountain it is? The same one the kid is going to, of course. Joe and Gai remember so the the team get to the mountain, but the Zangyack is already putting the final step in motion, as they fight grunts Joe and Gai find the child again. Gai wants him to be safe, but Joe keeps encouraging him to continue. Soon they catch up to the MOTW who has already completed the plan and with the power of the stones he is sending a meteor to Earth. The team try to quickly finish him with the Goseiger, Dairanger, and Ohranger powers, but even with that he still stands as he is grown big before the final blow. The team go into their mechas and finish him off with Shinken Gokaioh AGAIN! Well the meteor is getting to close and Joe throws Gai at the meteor as Gai uses Gojyujin to drill through it and destory it, even though the rubble could still cause some issues, oh well. So the kid meets his friend and thats mostly it.

At least the fight was enjoyable.

So yea I didnt really care for this episode, it was weak. I know its a filler episode, but still most of those were still entertaining to watch. The episode was just plain Joe meets kid and just encourages him to continue even though he probably didnt need more encouragment to continue. The fight with the MOTW was fun though seeing Goseiger (seeing a small GoseiKnight was funny), Dairanger (using the Dairinkens was a good nostalgic moment for me), and Ohranger (with the Dynamic finisher attack and seeing Gai only doing the "Ole" pose) So at least the fight was strong because everything else was plain. Next episode could blow people's mind if the Titanium Ranger does appear, but I dont care about that the most. GoPink is coming back and I think she is going to motivate the two other females a lot about the real importantance of rescuing someone.

Also quick notice about Joe using Abaranger and not Zyuranger was funny if you think about it more. First Abaranger did only have five members, but four of those colors were the same as Zyuranger and both series had a warrior die.

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