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Monday, August 29, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 27 Review: A New Gokai Change

This episode is the switch bodies one which is pretty common in today's sentai. This is with Luka and Doc of course because they are different in mostly everyway. Well they get their bodies switched while fighting the MOTW when he was trying to get a man. During the fight the monster pulls a trick before he retreats which was switching their bodies. Gai had to leave because he was defending the man and he was speaking english and maybe another langugage possibly. Well both Luka and Doc are freaked out, but Luka gets calm about it and goes shopping like usual and Doc is there with her. I like how Luka is like, everytime you touch me you have to pay, because that would be my first thought if I was in her body, hehe :). Well Luka is in Doc's body and changes his style completely even his hairstyle and now she is a chick magnet. Doc is still stressed out and runs away from shady looking men. With the villians they want the MOTW to get everyone in one spot and the the heroes are trying to find out waht their plan is this time. Gai remembers who the man was as a leader from a country and they think that the zangyack will replace those people with zangyack troops so they can get permission to conquer the world.

Doc is still running from the shady men and tries to jump over the building, but doesnt because he doesnt want to damage Luka's body. Soon the shady men catch up and ask Luka to work for them because one day she was shopping and saw a fake and the owner was impressed so he was trying to get her. Luka comes and gets the two away then she talsk to Doc about why he didnt jump and she soon realizes that she should have been taking care of Doc's body better then just to do whatever she wants. Soon they are called in by the others and bash in where the Zangyack were trying to complete their plan at a peace conference. They transform and role call, but Luka messes up because she is in Doc's body and says Gokai Yellow. Doc said the right name, but still did his usual pose as the same for Luka.

They fight the MOTW and thanks to Luka's and Doc's great teamwork they defeat him and get back in their bodies. Then the MOTW grows big and Gokai-oh uses Hurricanger power and Gai was just there in Gozyujin. Gokai-oh uses the Hurricanger finisher on the MOTW while Gai didnt do a finisher I think. Well with that everything is back to normal, but back then when Luka was in Doc's body she saved two girls from two perverts and for some reason I thought one of them was Agiri from Goseiger. Well the two went to see Doc again, but ditch him because he isnt the same that they remember, poor Doc :(. Now this is a good filler episode, sure the body swap as been used before, but this is easily the best one because the two actors really did good acting like each other. Doc is easily the best actor of the cast and he easily pulls off Luka great while Luka does great as Doc. Also the MOTW was funny as well with him acting smart, but then realizing that he is screwed. This is one of my favorite filler episodes because of good acting from Doc and Luka and funny moments I give it a B+. Also a quick note these review could be coming late sometimes and could be shorter than usual because I'm starting school now and with soccer and work it isnt easy to get some free time. I will try to get reviews done as soon as possible and I will be doing Fourze reviews as well, but will stop at when it gets to big spoiler moments.

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