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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Poll Results #6

Are You Excited For Kamen Rider Fourze?
Yes- 13
No- 1
What Do You Think About My Rider Gatekeeper?
Great- 4
Good- 2
Bad- 0
Horrible- 0

How Do You Feel About Power Rider Actually Being Real?
Happy- 2
Sad- 5
Nervous- 5
Not Sure- 4

Would You Like To See Yutaka Hirose Come Back For Gokaiger?
Yes- 17
No- 0
If Yutaka Hirose Does Come Back In Gokaiger, Which Role Should It Be
Ley Wanda (Flashman)- 3
Doctor Kemp (Liveman)- 3
Tranza (Jetman)- 6
Jin (Dairanger)- 5

Since the Hurricangers will fight with the Gokaigers, Do You Think There Will be Other Team Ups?
Yes- 15
Maybe- 7
No- 2

My Thoughts
I really want to see Fourze I'm hoping its going to be another good rider series.
Im nervous about Power Rider because I know how Saban did with Masked Rider before.
I would so want Yutaka to come back, but my personal fave is Jin because he was like the other characters, but still different and was an anti hero.
I know there will be more team ups and heck its happening this week with Gai coming back, but I dont think that will count as a team up, have to see the episode to know. Also Tranza wont be the character because by the preview he wont even be mentioned and for Liveman the villian as been announced and Kemp isnt it. Two are left Ley Wanda and Jin. Then I will do more ideas for my own Kamen Rider.

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