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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Why I'm Excited For Fourze

With Kamen Rider Fourze coming this week I am hyped for this new series because of a new theme in the franchise and a good writer. First I will talk about Foruze himself though, by what I see I think there is great potential for the main hero Gentaro because him bonding with people can make good episodes. Also I'm thinking of something for him and his partner (I wont say though because it could make you think too much). Reminding me of that though Fourze is using the partner idea again, but with Kengo who originally has the belt, but cant use its powers. Kengo does have knowledge of all the switches probably as he will be like Ankh, an asshole who knows the powers of the rider. For the main lady of the series Yuki I am not happy about her I think she is going to be that really hyper girl you know in school, shes cute, but you just cant talk with her she reminds me of that. For other characters they seem like what they look like which could be bad, but can be easily changed with the writing.

Probably not a strong cast this time.

For the writing I think that could be a strong point of the series because it has Kazuki Nakashima who is known for his writing for Gurren Lagaan series and Oh Edo Rocket. I like both of those anime series so I hope that he can keep that great writing of his in this series. Then there are the villians who will possibly be Dopant copies, but with the monsters escaping from the capsule is interesting and can make the owner see what he has done. So the Zodiarts seems like a mix of Dopants and Yummies with someone using it, but can also see what that power can do.

Now with the design of Fourze is ok by my standards now and I think the many switches he will use will keep the fights fresh. Also we know that recently rider has been having more focus on the story so fights will probably be quick and sweet and will keep monsters alive for two episodes. Another thing is that the monster designs look really good which can be great for the fights. Also I cant wait for his two new forms because they look very interesting with the electric and fire state. Another thing is the secondary rider who will be based on the ally of Foruze's inspiration from space ironmen kyodain. Fourze was based on Skyzel and high chance the ally rider will be based on Granzel who was Skyzel's partner.

So thats what I thinking and hoping Foruze will be, a new theme for the franchise that is supported with strong writing, but the characters could fall short this time. Also fights will be as good as other recent rider series. Get ready for this rider to blast into space this week. UCHUU KITA!!!!!

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