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Monday, November 14, 2011

Gokaiger Episode 38 Review: The True Meaning Spolier Alert!

Well since I'm continuing these episode reviews its time to proceed with part two of this arc. After a little recap we see that the gang are all trying to get back to the ship. With the Zangyack, troops are sent out to look for them as Gil thinks they are dead. Also a celebration has started for his win as he also ignores Damaras. With Don he sees the troops looking for them as he tells Luka and Ahim about it. The three also talk about how Marvelous made them flee. With Joe he soon finds Barizorg again as the two begin to fight. Gai stays away from the troops, but when Luka comes up to him from behind he starts to scream. Luckily he didnt give themselves away, but Luka did slap him (lol). The four continue to talk about why Marve as his reason for protecting them is because of what AkaRed did for him. Gai is wondering though if everyone is fine with that as he cant deal with this. Gai knows what Marve did is brave, but they are a crew, Marve shouldnt be carrying around his crew as they should just fight together. Back with Joe we see that he is having a hard time fighting Barizorg. Barizorg soon talks to mock Joe as it seems he is going to win and kill Joe. The discussion of protecting someone though comes up and Joe talks about how will Gil protect Barizorg. Of course Barizorg will never want a thing like that to happen because he is order to protect him. Barizorg uses the special move as it knocks Joe down, but he continues to think about reaching to Marvelous as he takes Barizorgs attacks head on. He deflects the attacks as well and it cancels out his transformation, but he still gets the final blow and finishes Barizorg.

Suitless Victory!

Now we finally get to Marve as he is knocked out by the attack. He sees AkaRed though as the two have a discussion about the Gokaigers. AkaRed tells him that his group arent the Red Pirates and Marve isnt AkaRed. AkaRed tells to him to protect their bonds because thats how a crew should be. The four are still walking to the ship as Gai talks about Marve again as the rest of the crew arent happy of what he did as well, but they still need to get to the ship. Joe stays and looks at Barizorg as Cid's soul appears. Cid tells Joe that he has gained great strength, but not by himself as that power belongs with the rest of the gang. Cid also says that Joe and the others need to reach out for their dreams as he points to a light. Joe soon starts to run away to find the rest of the gang as Cid starts to vanish. Marve soon wakes up and Navi is greateful that he is alive. He wonders though is seeing AkaRed was a dream or not, but he soon starts up the ship to find his crew.

Cid :(

Soon news of Barizorg's death reaches to Gil as he takes it pretty badly. Gil actually gets completely pissed off and wants Great Walz to be ready for another attack so he can avenge Barizorg. The gang soon group up to fight off the Imperial Guards again. Before that though Marve tells Gai he was wrong as he shouldnt be too worried about them because they are strong as well. They easily defeat the henchmen and finish the guards with Galleon Buster and Legend Dream. Gil comes in then as the mecha fight begins. Gai uses Triple Drill Dream, but it is easily stopped by Great Walz. Magi Bind and Furai Maru were also used, but again they were proved useless. MachFalcon comes again and he is hit hard he still stays around this time. Now they start to talk about no matter what situation is thrown at the group they will always fight for their dreams as they are pirates. A miracle occurs then as the team get their own grand powers. With it they combine the two mechas with MachFalcon to make Kazen Gokai-oh. Even with Gil determination he is soon defeated by the new mecha combination as he goes down with the Great Walz.

The group talk about how they got their own powers and soon Navi starts to mess with Marve about being alone on the ship. Its a happy day for the heroes, but for the villians its a dark day. Damaras finds Gil's dead body and now it seems he is going to take action soon. Thats episode 38 and damn that build up from the last episode was worth it. It is a pretty dark episode as two villians die in this episode. With Barizorg its somewhat happy because Cid's soul is saved. Also I liked it didnt the whole episode time because it proves how much Joe wants to save his friend, Marvelous. For Gil its really sad for him because the only one who stuck by him has been killed. Gil had a bond with Barizorg even though he was made to only serve Gil. Barizorg was the only person that gave him some confindence in himself and he did care about him as him anger proves that. In the end Gil was a good villian sure he was annoying at times, but in some episodes he did prove to be a threat and these episodes easily shown that. I actually felt sad for Gil because he just wanted to prove that he has the potential of being the prince and he is killed for those actions. Kazen Gokai-oh looks damn awsome I must say as the appearance gives off great power and it doesnt look as clunky of some big mecha combinations in the past. Overall its a great episode as the fights are quick, but are good with showing how our heroes felt and giving us some final thoughts on Barizorg and Gil, an A+.

I'm actually going to miss him.


  1. I think episodes 37 and 38 were the best episodes in Gokaiger so far. It actually gives me hope for the Zangyack. Though the development for Walz Gils still leaves a lot to be desired.

  2. I agree those two episodes were great, but 37 felt like how movies are doing the two parter thing. We know that things will be left as cliff hangers until the second part, but the build up can be worth it when the second part is shown. I always liked the Zangyack even though they didnt interact all that much they remind me of simpler villians like in the past sentai series. Also Gil was good, I was kinda hoping to get a little more focus on his arc, but at least those two episodes made him look like a great villian in the end.