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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 10 Review: Stay the Same

Episode ten has aired sadly it didnt come earlier because this is a really great episode. Back with the fight Gen has issues with the new zodiart as it can use fire as well. The fire attacks distract Gen as Ritsuko leaves with Tomoko. Before leaving though Tomoko mentions about how Gen will never understand her. After another updated opening, Ritsuko puts Tomoko's switch in a box as Tomoko will transform for the ritual. We then see that the teacher is blaming Gen for the fire. Luckily two students tell him about the witches and they soon appear. The teacher is completely afraid of them just like everyone else, but Ms. Sonoda isnt afraid and tries to talk to Ritsuko. Ritsuko though just talks about how Sonoda is a good teacher, but its a little too late for herself now. She mentions that everyone should run away because they are going to perform their greatest ritual. In the Rabbit Huch the gang talk about how Ritsuko is using her other memebers to transfer powers into them so they can get their revenge. The only ones that are left are Tomoko and Ritsuko. The crew know about the greatest ritual and Gen mentions about Tomoko wanting to leave Earth.

Gen and Yuki find where Tomoko lives and her mother is happy about Yuki because she looks normal, but she isnt that happy with Gen. While looking around Gen finds out that Tomoko wants to change because as she said before she has no role on this planet. Tomoko walks in and sees the two looking around as she doesnt have her makeup on. Tomoko starts to freak out because they saw what she looks like as Gen chases her. Gen says that Tomoko needs to stop running as she does, but gets dirt and puts in on her face. Again Tomoko talks about how she has no purpose on this world and she wants to go to the moon because of that. Gen says that he will understand what she is going through as Tomoko calls him a hypocrite and flungs the rest of the mud at him. Gentaro says that going to the moon wont change anything as he then transforms and takes Tomoko to the Rabbit Hutch where she is taken to the moon. On the moon Gen talks to Tomoko about how the moon and the Earth will never change so why should she change because she is already fine the way she is. Back at the Hutch Tomoko talks about how no one else said that to her and the gang talk about their own flaws when Gen mentions that there are many oddballs in the club. Gen says that Tomoko is a gloomy character, but she has great instincts and will never let her guard down.

We see the red eyed man talking with the Scorpio Zodiart about Ritsuko and how she is using the switch as the switch is getting more power like how she can use fire because of strong belief. We then see Ritsuko preparing for the ritual and we find out why she is a witch because she has been blamed for things she didnt do. Now she sees that if she is being labeled as a villian she should become the best villian possible. Tomoko tells the gang about the ritual as Ritsuko is going to burn down the school with the rod she has. The gang get to the room and try to find the switch, but they get ambushed and tied up by the other two witches as Tomoko goes with them as she says she wont hesitate anymore. The four get to the roof as they begin the ritual, but Tomoko attacks Ritsuko and gets the staff. Ritsuko wonders if Tomoko gave up becoming a lunar witch. Tomoko says she was already at the moon as it is cold, but also warm as images of the gang appear in her mind. Also she says she wont change because she has met someone who says she doesnt have to as she breaks the pendant.Ritsuko's switch goes into Last One as she just easily clicks it and transforms. The gang soon get free from the ropes thanks to the Fry Roid as Tomoko tries to get away, but trips and Ritsuko tries to kill her!

Luckily though Gen jumps in and saves Tomoko as she gets away and Gen transforms. The two witches attack him at first, but Shun in the Power Dizer and the rest of the gang catches them and gets their pendants. Fourze goes into Elek States, but Gen still has isssues fighter her because of her fire. Ritsuko sends her rod to the roof to complete the ritual, but Shun gets the rod before it hits the school and breaks it. Next Gen uses Fire States and tries to block the fire with the shield switch. Tomoko though tells Gen to not use the shield. Now Gen just takes the fire attacks and it seems that because of Gen potential the Fire switch is absorbing the fire for power. Gen then finishes off the Zodiart with Rider Erupting Shot! Next morning Gen, Yuki, and now Tomoko run as Tomoko and Genta get to a river or lake. Yuki says that Tomoko is a member of the team and even Kengo is fine with Tomoko because she has an unused Zodiart Switch. Sadly though Tomoko threw the switch into the water becuase she wants a fresh start. Kengo gets mad and shoves Gen, but also gets Tomoko by accident as they fall into the water.

Well thats episode ten and I think is possibly my longest episode review so far, I guess I really liked this episode. Its probably my new favorite episode as Tomoko is another great character for the series. Her arc is very relatable and well written because all she wants to do is to become someone with a purpose and the episodes did show that well. Ritsuko was also an interesting villian for these episodes because at first we dont really know why she begun the witches and she wasnt afraid to kill someone really making her a threat as she could also plan her schemes very well. Gen was at his best as he really helped Tomoko learn that she doesnt have to change and a good strong bond for the two. Again the writing was well done as it does feel like how teenagers would act. I really loved the scene where they are talking about their flaws because it reminds me of a time my friends and myself talked about that before. The action was mostly saved until the end as we see new powers with the Fire States form and even Gen can affect the switches like the Zodiart uses did before. Overall its a really strong episode with a very relatable character, having our main hero do his best to comfort her, and to see new potential for Gen in upcoming fights, an A+ Both Gokaiger and Fourze did great this week.

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