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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Poll Results #12

Do You Like Kamen Rider Aqua?
Yes- 28
No- 4

Do You Think The Rumor With Gavan And Sharivan Are True?
Yes- 15
No- 8

Would You Like To See Metal Heroes In Super Sentai?
Yes- 23
No- 9

What Do You Like The Most So Far?
OOO Super TaToBa- 8
Fourze Rocket States- 1
Fourze Magnet States- 4
Kamen Rider Meteor- 14

How Would You Rate Go-onger?
Amazing- 15
Good- 10
Bad- 7
Horrible- 3

My Thoughts
There could be some truth to Metal Heroes being in Super Sentai because the franchise wants to try something new. Also they are starting with the first two so they could it more often or just show more in the Gobuster series. I like Metal Heroes they are similar to Kamen Riders at times because they are solo heroes, but there are some that are known greatly like the first three, Metalder, and B-fighter. Kamen Rider Aqua reminds me of the original riders a little bit and that design works well with it as the shade of blue works greatly. People are calling Aqua a remake of the original rider Ichigo which I can see and in design I like him the best. You know how I dont like Super TaToBa, but at least everything else is fine Rocket States has a good color scheme, Magnet States is going to be a power form which is seen in the design, and Meteor looks awsome with a star map body. Finally, I love Go-onger the humor always got me and I loved the characters even if some fall a little weak at times.

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