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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 33 Review: Release the Lion!

The episode begins with Ohsugi talking about the class trip to Kyoto and every is shocked as the original place was NASA. The principal made this change and of course Yuuki is disappointed the most. Kengo is happy with this news though for some reason. The class starts to pick their groups and there will be a group of four with Gen, Kengo, Yuuki, Ryusei, and a girl named Yukina. Yuuki is confused because they were originally supposed to be a group of four, but Ohsugi approved of it. Yuuki talks to him about the KRC, but there shouldn't be any worries about Zodiarts appearing at Kyoto. Yukina is ecstatic to be in the group and Gen likes her attitude and tries to befriend her. She rejects though and Ryusei is surprised, but it seems she is after something else. We then see Gamou going to his car with his bodyguard and Foundation X (from Kamen Rider Double) appears! They are here because Gamou hasn't been giving them any info lately and will try to force him to talk. With Gamou's bodyguard though he attacks them and protects him. The group leave saying that Gamou needs to file some sort of report and there Gamou goes in his car. Before leaving though he tells his bodyguard to go somewhere and that is the class trip. Before going to opening credits we see the bodyguard holding a Horoscope switch.
The class get to Kyoto and the first thing Kengo does is leave. Ohsugi tries to stop him, but Kengo goes on ahead saying he will return later. Ohsugi then starts to rant on how lucky the kids are to not be alone and he starts to remember his lonely years of middle and high school. During this Yukina grabs onto to Gen and storms out with him and Ryusei is catching on fast. The four leave and Ohsugi still continues his rambling, but he is happy to know that he has friends now, but he turns around to see they are not there. The Freeze roid comes then and sprays him with ice there he says he is forever alone (welcome to the club). Hayami is also in Kyoto as he is in a tower and the bodyguard appears. His name is Tatusgami and Hayami promises that Gamou's plan will go with perfection and he will do it alone. Back to the gang where Yukina gives Gen a schedule of what to do. Yuuki also has something ready for the group as she pulls out a songbook and all the songs were made by her. Yuuki can also shine for once since Miu isn't around this time. Going to Miu then as she sneezes in the Rabbit Hutch. The rest of the gang are very bored since nothing is happening, but Tomoko senses a disturbance from the west as she throws a white snake. After that we see Yukina asking Gen is there is anyone he likes. Gen blindly answers by saying with everybody he is friends with and people he will befriend. She then gets more detailed and asks if he has a girlfriend, Gen says no and she is happy. Ryusei pops in to give Gen a snack.
The group then get to the torii gates as Yukina keeps trying to push couple discussions on Gen, but Ryusei throws spikes on the ground to stop her. That doesn't work as she still talks to Gen, but Ryusei lifts her up and shoves her away. Yuuki is shocked to see Ryusei in a completely different form and he replies with that he has to defend Gen since he did something he really can't make up for. Gen says he doesn't need to bother, but it's Ryusei's call. Yukina keeps trying as she tries to split the group up as Libra appears in one of the passage ways. Luckily Yukina is already near the other way so Yuuki gets her away as Gen transforms into Fourze. When Ryusei gets the moment he transforms into Meteor and helps Gen in the fight. Cutting away from the action though as we see Yukina and Yuuki talking about how she will get Gen. She asks Yuuki for her help and if she doesn't her stuffed animal will be in danger. Back to the fight as we see Libra is handling well on his own as the two riders use their finishers. Libra vanishes and the two finishers clash together to make a huge amount of cosmic energy. There a hole appears in the sky and four altars appear from the ground. Libra already finds one with the "X" logo on it. After the fight Yukina and Yuuki get back to the others and tries to make her moves. Ryusei tries to tell her that they have other business, but she doesn't mind if Ryusei leaves. She grabs onto to Gen again and runs off as Yuuki follows. There Ryusei finds the same altar, but destroyed. 
Next we finally see Kengo at a laboratory where he meets Emoto who is a professor who worked with Kengo's father. The reason Kengo is around is to find out more about cosmic energy since he thinks that will help him understand his father more. Emoto responds with how Kengo's father said the same thing before when they were in the Rabbit Hutch. Already back to the gang we see Ryusei and Gen putting on outfits as they talk about having Yukina around. With her they can't talk about Libra, but Gen doesn't mind since she just wants a good time. Then going back to Kengo as he is told about the Hole as it gives off the cosmic energy. The location of it and the width constantly changes as it appeared twice in Japan. Those two areas are near the school and in Kyoto. Emoto then talks about how people in the past tapped into the cosmic powers with four altars. Their discussion is interrupted by a computer giving off an alarm. It seems the readings from the Hole are going crazy. With the four we see them in their costumes and Yuuki is in a fishmonger outfit... She can't say, but we see that Yukina keeps blackmailing her as she wants to be the only one that Gen has eyes on. Along with this Yuuki is being forced the split the group into groups as she will go with Ryusei. Ryusei wonders why Yuuki is doing this, but he already realizes that Yukina is behind this. Gen and Yukina get into a maze where she tries to make a move and Gen finally realizes what is going on. Luckily for him a Dustard appears and attacks! She thinks it's a ninja as Gen fights with swords!
Who gives a kid two swords?
The two get out, but more Dustards appear. Meteor appears and gives Gen the moment he needs to run. There he gets ready to transform, but Libra appears again. Gen transforms and fights Libra once more, but Libra plays illusions on him and makes clones of himself and they change into priests and samurais? There are too many for him, but Kengo arrives and is also in an outfit. He tells Gen to use the Rocket switch as he does and starts to fly in the air. Libra changes back to normal and blast Gen down into the water. There Gen uses the Screw switch to get himself out of the water and then he uses the Drill switch to kick Libra. The two clash as Tatusgami watches Libra having a hard time and he transforms into Leo. Meanwhile with Meteor he finishes off the Dustards with Meteor Storm Punisher. Libra tries to get away by summoning Dustards and Kengo tells Gen to use Cosmic. To start off after the change into Cosmic States Gen uses the Scissor switch to fight, but he soon goes with Big Foot and combines it with Freeze. To finish off the rest he uses the Fire switch and inserts it into the sword as he slashes them with fire. Libra soon finds another altar, but Meteor and Fourze catch up to him. Leo appears and Libra decides to run away as Leo blast the two heroes with a roar!
Fus Ro Dah!
Episode 33 finally gets to some more info on Kengo's father, but it's still a little messy. First the fights were way too quick. First the Fourze and Meteor ended way too fast, Meteor's fight with the Dustards was cut off and we just see his finisher like in episode 30. Fourze fight with Libra was interesting, but not too many switches were used, but at least Cosmic States was good. The ending came way too fast and we only saw very little from Leo and I bet next episode that's all he does as he will retreat after that roar attack. The build up is nice and I am liking that we are focusing more on about the Cosmic powers. Also the villains are doing more than usual and it was a nice surprise to see Foundation X again. Ryusei is a blast as he is really changing since he is true friends with Gen now. I love how he was acting as it made me laugh. What didn't make me laugh was Yukina since I am hating this character. She is annoying and is just there to be a pain. Overall the build up better be getting somewhere since this episode was surprisingly boring, I give it a D
Next Time: Gamou finally tells Kengo the truth.

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